Poor picture quality at night

Hi, I am new to the community and this is my first post. I took my camera down at Christmas to make room for my Christmas lights. When I put it back up, my night view has very poor quality. Has anyone experienced anything like this?
Tried to upload a picture. Hope it worked

Up in the right hand corner and you have a half moon turn it to auto or on and see if that makes the difference it’s what helped me. My basement was pure darkness

Did it work better when it was up prior to the Christmas lights? It looks to me like the IR LED’s are off. It could be that they are set to off in the app as mentioned in the previous reply

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I have it set to auto. I will set it to on and give that try tonight

Yes, it worked fine prior to my shutting it off and taking the camera down for a few weeks. the IR LED’s are set to on. When I have turned them off, the picture is completely dark. The picture clarity and quality seem to have change, however it is only at night. My day light picture quality is still great

If you go take a look at the camera when the night vision is supposed to be on, do you see the red lights glowing around the lens? It will be a faint glow, but you should be able to see them with the naked eye if the IR illuminators are working.

Yes, I see the IR night vision LED’s.

I just noticed something that’s affecting the picture quality. Do you see how the soffit is visible at the top of the camera? That really throws off the white balance, because it’s absorbing TONS of light from the IR illuminator, which makes it completely white compared to the background. Try rotating the camera a little and/or aiming it down a little so that the soffit isn’t in the field of view. That should help a lot

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I will give that a try tonight.

Can you post a daytime picture also? The IRs only go for about 20-25 feet, so anything beyond that won’t really be identifiable.

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⇈ That’s also true ⇈

If you need more illumination, you can buy eternal IR illuminators. If you connected them to a Wyze plug, you could even keep them on a schedule (Although they might have a photo sensor built in)

But yeah, definitely move the soffit out of its field-of-view. Regardless, it will be an improvement.


I noticed on my WYZE pan if I had it pointing up too much, at night the IR was just going off into space, (not reflecting off much). When I pointed it more towards the ground, I got more illumination, a brighter picture. The WYZE pan uses IR with 940nm bulbs. Those you can’t see the glow at all. The off set is they don’t have the range the 850nm ones do. The specs are in the link below

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The day time pictures quality is has not changed it perfect.

Picture quality seems the same. I adjusted the camera to see the effect.

It does seem like a slight improvement, but I still see the edge of that soffit at the top left. Believe it or not, that may be throwing off the white balance, because you can see that the soffit is completely blown out, even though it’s only a tiny piece of it.

But if aiming it down a little more doesn’t help, then it seems like things may just be too far away to be well-lit by the IR illuminators.

Having said that, it does look like you’re pointing it down into nothingness, so there’s not much to see in the first place. A driveway probably won’t reflect a ton of IR light. If a person was standing there, I think you’d see the person a lot better than you see the driveway. I can make out a car way in the background, for example.

Not worried about the picture during the day, just wondering about that the camera is actually looking at. We’ll be able to tell if objects are close enough to the camera to see if the IR will.illuminate them.

@nerdland mentioned it to. With a day time picture we’ll know what the nothingness actually is, and be able to say, “yep everything in frame is to far away for the IR s to work” or not.

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Here is a day time picture.

I have had the camera installed for several months now. The night time picture quality was way better than it appears now. Although just monitoring my driveway, I had much more detail and clarity.

Can you post a picture from before? Even with it turned farther away from the soffit or whatever that object is on the upper left i would think the driveway closest to the can would come into view much better, and that’s about it. But the entry way and where the car is wouldn’t show up very good without another source of light.

Sorry, no pics from before the poor quality issue. The other light source is from ring door bell IR.