Poor picture quality at night

My camera is a V2, a few years old
I recently moved and put the camera at the back patio door that faces off into the yard. I’ve noticed the quality of the picture has what I call “focus blurs” all over the picture in different spots. Though not specifically aimed, my birdfeeder perch is white and an easy focus during the day, yet I cannot get a clear pic of a single bird on it and I have it recording on HD direct to card. I have cleaned the exterior lens. Didn’t have this problem before so I dont know if it just “age” like we get astigmatism or what. I’ve gotten decent video at night of the raccoons, rabbits and possums in minimal light without the IR lights on, but cannot figure out the blurs during the day

A nearby surface doesn’t even have to be visible in the camera view to cause night time viewing problems due to IR flare. I have a different brand of camera sitting on top of a window AC unit, and initially the night time view was very lacking in contrast, and appeared as though the camera lens was fogged up. Although the top of the A/C unit was not visible at all in the image, moving the camera closer to the edge completely cleared up the problem.

With a system a friend of mine has, all of her wired cameras are mounted under the eaves of her house. We mounted one further back to avoid a possible obstruction, only to find this renders it essentially useless at night, as the IR flare off the eave (which again isn’t even visible in the image) washes out the view.

That sounds very similar to what I am experiencing. I will try and play with the positioning during the night and see if the picture quality improves. Thanks