Point me towards a dual usb power plug?

I am looking to only use 1 outlet to power 2 cameras. What keywords should i be looking for in listings?

Would this work?

These work well for that.

X-EDITION USB Wall Charger,4-Pack 2.1A Dual Port USB Cube Power Adapter Wall Charger Plug Charging Block Cube for Phone 8/7/6 Plus/X, Pad, Samsung Galaxy S5 S6 S7 Edge,LG, Android (White) Amazon.com

All of the dual port chargers will simultaneously charge from both ports. The manufacturers boast great output specs, but what most fail to advertise is: What are the output specs for each port while simultaneously using both ports? In your link, Anker does not specify this key point. And a few users made the wrong assumption and subsequently gave a bad review.

I have no experience with this product, but this example specifically advertises 2.4A per port while simultaneously using both ports:

In @rbruceporter’s example, it specifically advertises 2.1A total output. Meaning: if you simultaneously run both ports, 2.1A will be evenly split across both ports… 1.05A per port. That’s enough for v2 cams, not enough for pan cams.

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