Looking for a dual usb power adapter

As above with a type A usb to power 2 V3 Cams needs to be 3pin as I’m in the UK

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Sure. I use several dual USB adapters.

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I have been using the following with no issues at all.

It is slim and powers the cameras just fine. I currently have a V3Pro and and V2 connected to it

Amazon.com: Nekmit Dual Port Ultra Thin Flat USB Wall Charger with Smart IC, White : Cell Phones & Accessories


As long as each port outputs at least 1 amp it should be fine for a v3


That would be ideal but total cost including shipping is 27dollars

You didn’t specify any price range… You just asked for recommendations.

I have these, and these are working fine with 20’ USB cables to drive 2 V3 cameras:

$9.99 for a 2 pack. 2.4 amp total. So with both plugged in, that is 1.2 amps for each camera. They can fit 2 in a duplex plug, in either direction.

But I’ve only been using these for about 2 weeks so far.

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Looks a good buy

strong text My Favourite USB Power Supply - The Ikea Koppla - YouTube. Any good

I have a couple of the adapters B57 linked above. Works quite well.

Unfortunately they are not 3 pin plugs

Think I’ve found the perfect one at IKEA of all places

I don’t know what’s available in the UK, but I’ve been installing AC outlets that have USB power ports built in, when I’ve needed constant USB power. Might be a little more costly at the outset, but a whole lot more convenient in the long term. Just a thought…

Any good options for USB ports that come straight out the back rather than pointing down or up?

Yes, they exist - I have one or two. Don’t have any particular source.
Try Amazon.

Anyone with a link to one on Amazon with one that they have used would be appreciated. My only other question is to ask if anything from Wyze has officially been released for this?

I typed dual usb wall charger and the first page was almost all what you were looking for… Took 5 seconds…

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How about I re-phrase the question. It’s not that I am lazy or I can’t use an Amazon search, but those that actually have a recommended product is what I am looking for. For instance, there are some power dual USB wall chargers that won’t output the correct wattage or amperage for the cameras. As you know there are many options, I am looking for someone who has a good option and what someone has used to confirm they work so I don’t have to buy something and return it.

Do you have the specifications for using 2 cameras at once off the same wall charger? If so I’d love that information so I can continue to research and get the correct product that will work and won’t fry my cameras.

Can you use just any old phone charger block to power you Wyze Camera??

Pretty much yes. Except for the pan cameras that do draw more power when the motors are moving, almost all of the cameras will run on anything but the most anemic phone charger wall wart. Check the current rating of the charger to be sure.