Connecting Multiple Cameras

Wyze community I am looking for some help. I want to connect about 7 cameras up to a power source in my attic. Can you use a power USB hub to power them all? And if so any recommendations of good ones to use if someone has used one? Any help is appreciated, thanks

  1. Sure.

  2. No.

Just add up the volts and amps. These things are regulated for a reason.

Ok sounds good

7 happens to be a common port number for powered USB hubs. The ptoblem is thr power supply. Most only supply about 4 amps or 0.57A per camera. Might be enough for the V2 cameras but it would be close. It is unlikely to be enough if you plan to use USB extensions.
If you have an AC outlet for the USB hub why not just use a standard power bar?

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I thought about that too just looking at options.

A power bar is cheaper and would work better.

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I am thinking you are correct.