USB hub for multiple cameras

I have so many cameras now with some in the same locations pointing different directions I need a USB hub and short cords to branch the power for the cameras so I don’t have multiple cords.

I dont know if your indoor or outdoor, but Amazon has a ton of options for USB Hubs like this one

Since you are using the USB hub for power and not data, make sure you use a hub that has it’s own power supply, AND that the hub is rated for the current required (more of an issue with pan cameras that require higher power). Also make sure that the power supply used has a current rating for all of the connected cameras.


I am interested in purchasing 2 Wyze cam pan 3v and 2 Wyze cam 3v cameras. I want to power them with a usb hub then plug the hub to an ac outlet. So that I’m not using all my outlets for cameras. I know I need to get hub with enough power but not sure which one to get. Can anyone help me out by explaining how I know if my hub has enough power for all for camera. Also any other suggestions are appreciated.