What are the rules for connecting multiple cams?

I’m going to have a BUNCH of cams. I really like that they can be “daisy chained”. But as usual I’ve not been able to find much info other than 3 cameras may be the max because of the charger shipped.

The USB A port (the larger one) is currently only usable as a power relay. This means that you can link multiple devices from the back of the camera. Please note that the power adapter included with your camera is limited to a maximum of three Wyze Cams connected together.

Is that based on a 0.5A charger (USB 1 & 2)? Can I use a USB 3 charger and get 5 cams off one port?
The charger for my Pan Cam shows 0.35A (if I’m reading the microprint correctly). Does the V2 provide less power?

And do people have any recommendations for long USB cords?

And how does running 6 cams off 1 android affect performance?

I would only recommend a max of two cameras on a daisy using the normal power cords and the ones you can find on Amazon. You also have to account for power drop over distance as well as jitter affecting the wireless capabilities.

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I agree (regarding the physical layout).

Running 6 cams in the Android app should not be a problem.

Ive got 7 cams, soon to be 8 and the app is fine

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The V1, V2 power supply is 1.0 amp output. The Pan has a 2.0 amp power supply.

Whats the benefit of doing this? I never thought about it.

Benefit of WHAT??
Daisy chaining cams off 1 power supply will let me put multiple cams along the roof line, under the eaves, all off 1 power outlet attached to a floodlight outlet.
That’s what I want to do first.

I was only speaking to the app and its ability to sustain multiple cameras. I do not have any daisy chained. just merely responding to loki’s comment about if the app would handle a certain number of cameras. sorry for the confusion.

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Take a look at this:

The problem is not having a high enough amperage on the supply. The problem is that if you push too many amps over too long a run on too thin wires, you get too much voltage drop and the camera on the end won’t work due to low voltage situation.

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