Daisy chain 3 Wyze V2 Cams or more?


I currently have 2 Wyze V2 Cams that are daisy chained and work perfectly fine. I wanted to ask what the limit is to the amount of Cams you are “allowed” to chain in this fashion. WYZE support only mentioned 2 cameras but not a limit.

I know its dependent on the wire runs and guage of the cable as well but this is what I have…

Cam 1 = 10ft cable from outlet
Cam 2 = 15ft cable from Cam 1
Cam 3 = anywhere from 5-15ft from Cam 2 haven’t decided my configuration 100% just yet.

So at the MIN I’m looking at about 30ft and max about 40ft.

I’m using the original power adapter 5V 1A (5W), Not sure how much the hardware will handle if I up the amperage to 1.25A or 1.5A. That’s assuming I can even find an adapter that supports those values if the wire run is to long?

Thank you

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I would looking to 2.4 amp


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3.0 amp


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My only worry with 2A or 3A that it may burnout the Cams.

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All you can do is try what you have first. In theory they should have current limit resistor in camera.
I have a Nokia 2 phone it has long slow battery. I learn not to use Kindle usb charger but start over cooking the battery I think.

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I had been looking at these. Are they the same but different brands or is something different about them? Thanks for the help.


That’s not how it works. The amperage shown on a charger is a maximum that it can supply at the given voltage.
You could supply 10 amps, the cameras will only use what is required.


Agreed. That is my understanding also. (Sure hope it’s right!)


@angus.black and @tomp are correct As far as everything I’ve ever heard from an electrician.

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A (North American) wall outlet can supply 120 volts at 15 amps. A 100 watt light bulb only uses 0.8333 amps. They don’t blow up when connected to a 15 amp circuit.

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I didn’t say they did. Can you point out where I said that a lightbulb would blow up? I’ve got two posts on here and I don’t see it.

I believe @angus.black was just making a reference, not that you @paindonthurt specifically said blowing up a bulb.

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Well since the reply was directed to me I thought he was specifically calling me out. Instead of doing a generic reply like at the bottom of the page. If I misunderstood I apologize but since it was directed to me I thought he was pointing me out specifically.

Exactly this.

Worth quoting again.

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I acvidentally responded to you rather than just responding to the topic.
Just info for the masses.

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Gotcha. No harm no foul. You’ve always given very good advice. @angus.black. And you got great taste in cattle