Using a different USB adaptor

I’m using about 10-15 v3 cameras in one room to observe animal behavior. Does anyone have experience using a charging block/port outside of what Wyze provides? I want to use this: USB Charger 6 Ports USB Wall Charger USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices Desktop Power Hub Smart Plug Dock Charger Block for iPhone Xs/X iPad Pro/Air Galaxy S9/S8 LG Laptop Smartphones since the width of the current charging blocks from Wyze prevent usage of all of the outlets on our surge protector. Thanks!

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Do it regularly. I somewhat regularly plug a camera into a USB battery bank (usually for firmware update or temp projects). I have two cameras in my pickup truck that plug into a cigarette lighter to USB adapter. I have temporarily powered cameras from a computer USB port. And for about 2 months when my Christmas light show is set up, I power a V2 from a 5V 70A power supply (obviously it’s fused). I also have a couple V3 cameras powered from a 12V to 5V regulator.


Oh, the link you posted should work fine.

It will work just fine any usb charger with 10000mAh plus will work

I think you meant 1000 ma for a charger.

Or if Not a Charger but rather a USB battery pack then 10,000 mAh applies.

Yes 1 amp +