Is this a good idea for my 6 and growing Wyze cams

I have 6 wyze V2 cameras around the outside of my house and will be adding more soon most likely V3. I have the camera power cords all plugged into a UPS so I am covered during short power outages. Currently they are each pluged into their own AC adapter, I am wondering if this Anker USB Wall Charger, 60W 6 Port USB Charging Station ( link below) will power 6 of my cameras. I like to use it the clean up my wiring going into the UPS. Or should I be looking at something else or just stick with the wyze adapters. Thanks

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The V2 specification shows 5V/1000mA or 5V @ 1A or about 5 watts each.
Power in watts = (I) Current x E (Voltage). So yes, should be fine. :slightly_smiling_face:
Be aware there can be a voltage drop if you’re using an expecially long USB cable.

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Thanks for the info. I have been using 25ft cables and have not seen any problems. But I don’t think I could go any longer. I do have one spot I would like to put a camera but it would require a 50 ft cable. I not sure that would work.

I’d just hook it up and see if there are any problems.
It could be calculated if the resistance of the wire and the amount of current draw were known. Generally a 10% voltage drop is tolerable (5% for motors). Really, no worries.

Just wanted to make you aware in case like yours, where the camera with a 50’ cable was experiencing erratic behavior.

Also be aware of induced noise when running cable parallel to (or near) fluorescent light fixtures or garage door motors.

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