Plug won't work after setup

Ok … This is my first foray into a “smarthome” appliance. Figure start small …

Appliance: Wyze Plug wart
Communication: WiFi

First I do not have a smartphone. I have a 10 year old Apple iPad IOS vs 9.3.
Gratefully, the iOS app could be downloaded.
Have gotten the appliance activated and it does turn the plug on/off from the iPad.

  1. How do I use my laptop to do the same? Usually, due to the age of the iPad and the lack of apps that it can run it lives in my bathroom so that I can play music from my local NAS while showering. When in use the wifi is on but my router blocks the iPad from connecting to the internet … my choice

  2. To get the app, to get the app and appliance to connect yadda yadda yadda I allowed the router to let the iPad to connect to the internet.
    Everything worked ok at this point, but soon as I restored the internet blocking boom … it did not work.

  3. At this point started my laptop and could ping both the ip address for the wyze plug and the iPad but the iPad failed to cycle the power on the plug.

So … there isn’t much information contained in the packaging of the plug and I’m not finding a users manual to assist me with local operation of the plug.

How do I operate the plug when I don’t have internet access? My future plans are that my home network will be run from a separate wifi network in my home that has no external access to the internet.

Please help?

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Welcome abord @iwrk4dedpr I believe the Wyze products require comunication to thier server for periodic authentication. Will not work on an isolated WiFi network.

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There are no apps for laptops, you need a mobile device like a phone or tablet.

You need the Internet for everything to work. Settings are kept in the cloud. Automatic commands to turn the plug on and off come from the cloud.

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