Please stop teasing Canadians with your mask offerings!

I created an account to express this. Us Canadians are also going through hardships with this Covid-19 thing. Having e-mails coming in from WYZE saying “WE HAVE MORE MASKS IN STOCK! FREE SHIPPING!” is so GREAT to hear, until you go to order and find out that it’s not offered to Canadians. This e-mail has gone out at least 3 times now, and it’s becoming more and more frustrating as I’m in IT, and know how easy it is to filter out people where they live etc. Why don’t you filter to select ONLY people that you ship to, instead of getting people who need these things just as much as Americans hopeful for nothing.

Just my two cents. I don’t want to un-subscribe, cause I like news about Wyze… but I’m IRRITATED about these mask offerings that aren’t available to us.


Hey Nitro, welcome. I get your irritation and your request for filtering seems reasonable.

Here’s a thread that’s been fairly active. Though they’re more concerned about masks being sold than not-sold. :slight_smile:

There’s another Topic in the News category, I think (Wyze announcing their offer?) it may even be a pinned Topic at the top of the list.

I’m guessing you may already know this stuff so consider it an assist for any other teased Canadians who might wander in.

Be well


It is getting more concerning and disappointing that the company seems to be shifting focus to masks in a panicked fashion while sacrificing the rest of their business and having quality (hopefully temporarily) down in all areas. Many threads and Wyze’s own response have shown that they were not prepared to start offering masks when they did since many customers were double charged, or charged without an order actually being fulfilled, or their orders we marked shipped and then just forgotten about with no attempt at delivery.

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Hopefully this will be smoothed out soon. Wyze offers these items thru 3rd parties because they had the experience of being within one of the virus origin points in the US. I got both a thermometer and 2 different sets of masks in a timely manner and for a good price because of it, so I am thankful. Please, notify Wyze immediately of any issues so they can have a chance to fix them with the shippers.

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