Opinion of Wyze Selling Disposable Surgical Masks to Public

I’m wondering what everyones opinion is on Wyze selling cases of what appear to be disposable surgical masks to the general public when it has been known that medical workers and hospitals need masks such as these very urgently. On the one hand I get that it’s a good intention as many Wyze customers may be in the healthcare and other urgent categories. On the other hand is this just a money grab when the stock of masks Wyze has contracted could be sold or donated directly to places that urgently need them.

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Medical workers and hospitals need N95 rated or higher efficiency masks. Wyze is not selling N95 masks. There is currently no shortage of the type of masks Wyze is selling. You can find the type of masks that Wyze is selling on Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, hardware stores, eBay, etc. Here’s a sample link to some Amazon listings for disposable masks:

And some clarification on the different types of masks:


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Well as one who has ordered from Wyze before and had good results, I thought when 3-5 days was stated as a time frame for masks was good. My girlfriend has ms and is diabetic, and I having tried to buy decent masks, (nothing great) I would buy some of theirs.
WRONG! If we have another bout next YEAR these might have arrived!
After ordering and waiting, and the order from Fedex and has been PENDING for a week
I went ahead and ordered from Ebay last Friday (coming from China) and I have received a tracking number already.
This may not be any faster buy it sure can’t be any worse…
Shoulda known better!

For what’s its worth, I have ordered these several times for family and friends.

Shipment took a week, and quality is good; prior to pandemic, this exact brand and model was in-stock at many Home Depot’s.

Hope this helps anyone in need of a mask with higher filtration…

Thank you Wyze for thinking of your customers. The facemasks and thermometers are greatly appreciated. No price gouging like Amazon - just a good product at a reasonable price.

Why do I think this is a good thing for Wyze to do?

  1. These are not the N95 masks healthcare workers need.
  2. My wife is over 65 and has COPD. It imperative that she have a mask like the ones Wyze is selling on at all times.
  3. I’m also over 65 and most of the grocery stores and the other two places I have to shop REQUIRE face masks or they won’t let you into the building.

I agree with others that have said this shouldn’t be a political/economical forum.

However with that being said whether it’s N95 or simple surgical masks having a place to buy legitimate and effective product is needed without the price gouging and inferior quality products being hocked online.

Many people have tons of reasons to need masks and not just healthcare workers.

Unless you can afford the high fees charged for grocery deliveries you are going to need to leave your home and get essentials which means putting on a mask. And those with underlying illnesses need it the most.

Amazon/Walmart/Target had the infrastructure to limit purchases to one address only but chose not to, thus allowing the hoarders to essentially empty the stock and reselling it on eBay for exuberant prices.


Was kind of hoping this thread would get ignored (for reasons others mentioned) but since people are responding, I’ll add that I was able to purchase a variant of “KN95” masks directly from Wyze’s supplier (iHealth) and they arrived relatively quickly. Around the same pricing as the link from “mailmeoffers” above. My order was $30 for for 10 masks plus $10 for shipping.

Heard. I’m completely disinterested in the politics that began the thread, but wanted to share resources for those in need.

Opinion of Wyze Selling Disposable Surgical Masks to Public?

I think it’s fine.

I would suggest that the topic of masks is unavoidably “loaded” with political, economic, and social implications and am therefore tolerant of any reasonable “straying” from the strict subject as represented in the Topic title and original post.

I understand that other members may disagree and that’s fine. I think opposing positions can coexist constructively on a lively forum.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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The mask the Wyze is selling is not really suggical mask, they are dust mask. Our nation guidance of not wearing surgical mask if you are not sick has prove detrimental to our health and help spread of covid-19. I agree that N95 should not be used by non healthcare worker but regular surgical mask should be worn. The idea of wearing scarf or anykind of material is kinda nonsense, that is like don’t wear at all.


That’s not true. Do-It-Yourself masks can be effective.

Excuse the headline typo; not my graph. Unfortunately I still don’t know where the Wyze masks would fall on this chart.

Ordered and shipped within 4 days.
10 masked for $15, shipping from $4 up depending on how fast you want them.


The chart show for Ebola. Our current situation is covid-19, the particle size of covid-19 is .08 to .14, this is way smaller than Ebola which is from your graph 1.0.

There are similar tables covering that size virus and the effectiveness of various materials. The point was that it’s entirely inaccurate to assert *“The idea of wearing scarf or anykind of material is kinda nonsense, that is like don’t wear at all.” It’s bad advice.

And this is why the thread was ill advised. :slight_smile:

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Speech in general is ill-advised - if we lose confidence in our
ability to judge the merit of opposing positions in an argument.

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Right now, if you buy a mask are you buying to protect yourself from Covid-19 or Ebola? Your chart is based on different material effectiveness on Ebola. You need to find one for Covid-19, since Covid-19 is a smaller than Ebola. My original comment is to wear surgical mask.

When Wyze first sent the email they were selling these I was having a hard time sourcing any. My small 2 person company was getting ready to open back and the type of work we do means customers will want to see me wearing a mask while I preform the service.

I ordered 100 to start and they shipped and arrived in the time frame Wyze stated. Sure, they’re pricey but the quality is acceptable and they are on par in price and quality of other masks available right now.

I actually just ordered another 150.

The masks are not to protect me, they are to keep my cough and sneezes as close to me as physically possible. That makes my customers a little more comfortable.

I believe if everyone wore a mask for a short time we could keep the virus from spreading as easily. Of course these are not medical grade but in my opinion the wearing of masks is to force people to sneeze and cough properly. Even before this many people I would come in contact with would just sneeze and cough without ever covering the nose or mouth.

When all of this is done my hope is people come away with a much better sense of personal hygiene. And if I hear one more person say we need germs like this to build our immunity I think I’m going to scream.

I hope Wyze keeps selling these for a while, I know they come from China but I trust Wyze to sell a product that is exactly what they say. Wyze never presented these as anything more than they are.

So Thanks.


Ridiculous. The govt has delivered a half billion masks free to health care, hospitals and others, but I cannot buy one single mask in my entire county to protect myself! And this lack of availability has continued for 2 months now with no end in sight. Good work WYZE, and thank you for making my famlies life safer


Correct. These cheap surgical masks are no good to a front line worker.

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