Wyze Selling KN95 Masks

So I received an email from Wyze today where it said they are selling KN95 masks 10 for $29.99. Yet when you click the link the page says they are 20 for $59.99. So out of the blue Wyze decided to make us buy more and increased the overall price by one cent. WTH?

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I’m grateful that they even offer them to us for sale here in the USA.
I jump on them as soon as I could at 10 for $29.99.
Far as I could find others are coming from China direct…the slower boat !

I’m sure you could resell 10 or 19 to a friend … make a profit even ?

My point was that shortly after sending me the email, Wyze then changed the amount/price point required to buy them. Obviously I wouldn’t resell them, as they are still one time use masks, so even getting 20 would only last 20 days. And we all know the we’ll be dealing with this virus for at least a year, maybe two, without a vaccine.

I’m pretty sure Wyze is just offering what they can find. When the 50-packs of surgical masks sold out they offered the 10-packs of KN-95s. Things like this sell out quickly ATM, so I’m guessing the 10 packs sold out and now they found a different 20-pack source.


Wyze said in another thread that they are selling whatever masks their supplier can procure at the time (I think it was @WyzeGwendolyn that reported that… I’m too tired to search). I’d venture to say that Wyze (and everyone else) is selling masks so fast that, in the case of KN95/N95, their manufacturer or wholesaler ran out of their smallest-sized retail package (10-packs) and resupplied Wyze with the next smallest size (20-packs). Wyze apparently didn’t see the need to send a new email. We just split the cost with our 1st responder neighbor.


Your point ?
A business can change how they do their business when they want, even deside not to sell…

Within hours of sending out an email? That’s just bad business!


Not sure why you got the email late… could be any reasons…not fault or luck?

Got mines earlier then…

We feel fairly sheepish about this one. We sent the email and then found out fairly soon after that we wouldn’t be able to replenish with the 10 packs for now but that the 20 packs were available. So we opted to go with the 20 packs so that we can continue to provide an option for our customers.


It is super slow. Mine was ordered Apr 21. Status is still “processing”. But money already taken out of my cc.


@tpfld - you aren’t alone. I got billed three times for the masks I tried to order, see one order as “closed” on the 21st when I made it, no shipment information, nothing received, no responses back by customer support. Hopefully someone from Wyze is continuing to monitor this forum; I’ll be glad to provide order info to someone who can sort this out. Happy with the cameras I have, not so much with the experience.

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And it looks like posting to the thread on shipment issues helped to get this unstuck. Others with similar issues may want to do the same.

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One of my favorite sayings is “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” I assume at Wyze the intent was good; get masks in the hands of people who need them. For this I overlook the logistics headaches (mine were late) and the quality (the disposables the straps pulled off easily - nothing that a staple can’t fix).

So if you want companies to try and do good things, don’t punish them for the attempt. If you want to punish a company, buy your stuff from Amazon. See how far that gets you.

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When Wzye offered the masks…I ordered the maskes they sid " ships in two days" …my credit card was billed and paid to Wyze it has now been three weeks and I have yet to receive my order.
I don’t think I’ll be getting anything else from them !!

Just saw these same masks at Farm Supply, selling for $19.99 for 5. I love how Wyze can keep prices down. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Wyze but will never be a fanboy of any company. When they do great things, I’ll praise them. But, when they fail, oh I’ll call them out on it.

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The KN95 masks 10 pack more on the way … not sure if you’er still interested though?
Shipping delays has been a on going problem too…

I appreciate Wyze offering masks without the price gouging. Hopefully they are not the defective ones that China has been making and shipping to other countries.

How long does it take for us (the customers) to recieve the non KN95 masks?
I put my order in for the paper masks 3 weeks ago , and still have not received my order.

Well for me I also order the mask 10 pack and they took my money then cancelled the order. I was foolish enough to order again and the 2nd order was cancelled. Plus there is no way to talk to them, awful just awful

They should have at least changed the email you get when you place the order. My order on May 1 said "We’ll get your order ready and shipped out within 1-3 business days. " and since it’s the 8th now, I am sure 3 business days have passed and crickets.