Wyze KN95 masks NOT as pictured

I’m not passing judgement on the masks I received (I haven’t even opened one yet), but IMO it is NOT very professional to substitute items, especially health protective items, during a pandemic. I’m considering requesting a return on these masks.
With the issues I have had with my 2 Wyze cams, and now this, I’m giving Wyze an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Yes I agree especially when it’s not what was exactly pictured.

Far as I know they where 2 types of KN95 that Wyze in partnership with iHealth to bring this for sale in the USA.
Not sure if Wyze has full controll of what they receive from iHealth ?

The first pic is the one I like.

The second is the ones I like better…they fit under my chin and has a better seal for me.

So today I tried to refer friend to Wyze to order some face masks. In their SHOP category they have the three different masks listed, but only one has a link to order. The KN95 masks are listed but there is no way to order them. C’mon Wyze, get your act together. Correction 2 out of 5 stars!!!

Fairly certain this is probably due to a sold out inventory. They won’t update a product description if inventory is running low.

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I had a chat with Wyze and they said to watch their website for it to be available soon.

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Awesome, thanks for chatting with them!

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