Wyze app spam

Thank you for the spam pop up Wyze. I want one more thing I have to click if I hear a crash out front and need to quickly access a camera.


The spam pop-ups are unprofessional and annoying. As was the spam e-mail selling masks sent to me within minutes of activating my camera. Not good.


Silly me, I thought Wyze was being nice and offering a form of public service. Being one of those health care professionals I knew that at the time there were no masks available to the general public. For the asking price Wyze certainly wasn’t making much profit if any. Weeks later Amazon sold the same masks for $10 more than Wyze.

I say ‘Thanks Wyze’ for be being a good corporate citizen

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A public service would be giving away the masks for free. Pop-up sales messages and spam e-mails are sales, not a public service.


I suspect it’s spam click bate …
After which they can’t deliver the mask on a timely bases …took 23 days for my first order to come in and my second order much more that that…I’m still waiting over a month.

Took so long that now the disposable masks are available for me locally for 10 at $5.99 and no need to wait.

KN95s should follow soon.

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