Customer Support, What Support? - Disposable Facemasks

I am beyond disappointed with the lack of service Wyze has provided regarding my order. I had to continually keep responding, in my own ticket that I opened on 5/4 and did not receive a response back from a Wyze Customer Service Representative until 11:51pm on 5/13, after my order finally delivered damaged and mis-routed by the carrier.
Yet, I’m still in the process of trying to rectify the matter with the company because I can only get a response back from the representative every 24 hours at around 11pm.
I used to recommend this company and their products. I will no longer recommend them when they are clearly seeking profit in a state of uncertainty from their patrons.

Very disappointed, indeed.

Hi @caseynigro, welcome to the forums! Sorry to hear about the poor experience with support. Have you tried to speak with a Wyze Wizard by phone?

You can also contact Wyze Support by phone:

Wyze Customer Support 1 (844) 999-3226 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Hey @StopICU33 thank you very much for the information!

I ordered these back on 4/21, for my father when masks were nowhere to be found in my area. Whom had a quintuple bypass surgery a few years back, stroke just prior to that and is now in full Diabetes Type 2, Unfortunately, I am not and wasn’t able to assist him with acquiring essential items as my husband has been gone for 9 months for active duty military service, I have 2 younger children.

The only thing I could do for him, was get him these masks and it ended up I failed in being able to procure those for him. :confused: Wyze has been less than concerned or empathetic at all.

I have been trying to find the information to call the live customer support line. Everywhere I have looked, it appears it has been removed from their website and the robo-support will only send you through the email ticket support method.

Very much appreciated. :+1:t3:

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You’re welcome! I understand your frustration. I hope you can get in touch with Wyze and get those masks for your father or get a refund. Here is another number to call just in case the first one is busy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wyze Support 206-339-9646

@StopICU33 they offered to ship a new order out, with that they will also send a return label for the damaged product I received. Makes you wonder what they plan to do with those.
I also live in the neighboring city to a FedEx facility that has officially announced they have a confirmed COVID-19 cluster. So… happy shopping, everyone!
I’ve requested just the refund and the inconvenience of packing up the kids to take to a FedEx drop off location to send the compromised packaging back in order to get a refund.
I am back to the original mindset in that I don’t plan on continuing to purchase my security equipment from this company going forward or recommending them.