Face masks - double billed and defective - no response to 3 submitted tickets after 25 days

Unbelievable the delay in support from Wyze. This has started happening way too often. Wyze asked for a review, gave it a 1 star and was told to contact Support to be taken care of. Finally had to resort to asking the CC company to refund the double charge as well as defective product. Very frustrating to not have a phone number to contact and what’s the point of saying support is available when it isn’t. Twitter post blocked as well. Wyze, you have good products but the support is a big concern. Feel free to send a shipping label to return the masks.

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What do you mean “twitter post was blocked”? They can’t block a Twitter post, only Twitter can. Did you use bad language or otherwise restricted text?

I show it and they don’t. Things that make you go hmmmm.

Meaning you can see your tweet and someone else can’t? Or do you mean someone has blocked you? Which is perfectly legitimate? Still not following you?

Not sure how your dialog solves the original problem with Wyze support but thanks for the Twitter curiosity. BTW - I’m excited about joining the limited affiliate Wyze program for masks!

I can’t help solve a problem if I can’t understand it. My “dialog” was attempting to understand it. But I am perfectly fine in neither understanding the issue or helping resolve it if that is your wish.

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Problem wasn’t Twitter. Problem is the masks. I believe that was pretty clear. Unless you work for Wyze, you can’t help me.

Wyze Customer Support Phone Number

1 (206) 339-9646

Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

I never said anything about Twitter? So I think we have solved your problem. You have difficulties with reading comprehension?

This entire forum is a USER to USER forum. It is NOT part of Wyze Support. That would be here https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us

Sometimes Gwendolyn will help out here but primarily what this entire forum exists to do is facilitate users helping users. If you need support only Wyze can provide then go there to get help not here.

Now if all you were doing was blowing off steam we do understand.

Thanks @StopICU33. Much appreciated.

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Okay, I’ll type slowly so you can understand easier. I’m posting in the support forum to warn others about Wyze’s deteriorating support and also find a way to get Wzye’s attention. The goal is to find a way to get Wyze to see their challenges and act upon them. Take some time and search the forums for mask challenges. It is a known issue with both of my problems. Companies challenged with supporting their customers with timely responses are usually a sign of far greater issues internally. Maybe I’m wrong but have a few years of experience in dealing with customer support. If they aren’t monitoring forums (BTW - there is tech to do it automatically), then they aren’t staying close to the customer and that is another sign of a larger problem. The trend isn’t positive and let’s not even talk about the data breach from last year. I purchased enough Wyze products and have been excited about their direction however if you can’t support the customers who buy your products, I won’t waste my money. This space isn’t unique anymore and other companies are coming along quickly. Please go help someone else. Have an A1 rest of your day.

Ahhh, so you just wanted (and obviously still do) to vent! Well that’s understandable. But I got my masks as promised so did most others so while we appreciate the thought no warning needed.

Sorry you did not get yours. Our neighbor had hers stolen out of the mailbox. Caught it on my doorbell cam for her.

Edit: By the way I read your messages very slowly and carefully. Just thought you should know. :grin:

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I receceived the WYZE email offering masks from Amazon. Decided to jump on the offer and get an email from Amazon saying the offer was not available in my area.

Miami? Not available in Miami??

I’ve been using Wyze for about three days. Yesterday I reached out to support for general questions twice via chat. I reached them both times in under 90 seconds and they fully answered my questions. Maybe they’ve just blocked you! :rofl:

Secondly, I love that somehow in your brain typing slower translates to someone “hearing” you correctly. Now then, slowing down may in fact have allowed you to type more coherently. I guess it did work after-all.

How is a mask “defective”? What does that even mean?