Please Help! WHM alarm triggered and Noonlight called me, but I can't call them back?

My Home Monitoring alarm went off overnight, and I’m 700 miles away. I have no idea how the alarm was triggered or what the response was. Noonlight called me three times, but I slept through the calls, and there’s no indication what the response was if any. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get in touch with anyone to verify what exactly happened.

I checked my cameras and there doesn’t seem to be any disruption, but it’s irritating to not be able to find out. I wonder what exactly I paid for.

You can’t contact them on the number they called you with?


Do you not know what device trigger the alarm? Sensor or camera? If you look in the individual sensor histories do you see a trigger?


I called the number back and get a message from my provider indicating the line is busy. Which is odd in and of itself.

I’ve checked the app, it only says that an entry delay started, then 5 alarm triggers subsequently.

EDIT: I checked the motion sensor, and it indicated that there was motion in the area. There was nothing on the cameras to indicate anyone inside.

Phone lines call people all day, so I don’t see why a busy signal would be odd. If it was a text, reply with a text.