Please help me with a mapping/threshold problem

I have what I think may be a fairly unique problem that I am hoping you can help me with. I have in my kitchen a small stone threshold “landing” that sits maybe 1 inch up from the main floor with a beveled wood trim around it. It acts as a place to come in the front door into the kitchen to take off your shoes, etc. so you don’t track dirt onto the wood, Besides 3-4 feet of straight lines, the threshold also two 45 degree angles. Because I can’t zoom in really well on the app to set perfect no-go zones, the vacuum always tries to ride up the beveled wood edge and can get stuck, rub the wheels, etc. Is there a way to remap the room so that it does not attempt to ride up the edges? I was thinking of putting cardboard walls up just for the mapping again, but once I run it and it does not “see” the wall there anymore, wont it just try and ride up them again? Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this corrected once and for all? Thanks!

I have a similar problem where I have a hammock stand in my living room (lol), and the 2 bars that touch the floor for the length of it are real hard to exclude and too low for mapping. The vacuum humps those bars a lot, lol.

What you can do is put a temporary wall up that is high enough to get hit by the LIDAR, then use that as a reference point to draw your no-go zone. During the next vacuum your fake wall (now removed) will be erased, but your no-go zone will still be there. :slight_smile:

If you can’t put a temp wall up, or if it turns out that process wasn’t quite precise enough for you (the vacuum usually stays inches away from any no-go zone), then it’s a matter of experimentation. Put an exclusion zone up, watch the vacuum to see if it was effective, adjust, repeat. If you do it this way, be sure to take a snapshot of your final map to give you rough positioning to help you recover quicker in case of disaster!

Oh and P.S. – use a tablet or other larger-screen device to get better resolution on your map editing.


That is a fantastic idea, thank you so much! I will give that a shot and see how it goes. Ideally, being able to fine tune the no-go zones would be the best way forward here, I am kinda surprised this is not a top needed feature. Thanks again!