Please consider changing your shipper.

My experience with FedEx so-called Smartpost has never been pleasant. Here’s the ground track for my latest order that only has to go 70 miles from Fontana to my home.

If that link didn’t display, here’s a synopsis. It was submitted to FedEx on May 3rd and was delivered to me on May 18th. I’d pay extra for USPS Flatrate.

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Yep, Fed Ex has really gone downhill as of late. My Wyze car is still at a Fed Ex hub up near Seattle, and no idea yet on when it will be delivered 60 miles away. It could have driven itself here from California for the time Fed Ex has had it (and probably gotten some good video along the way!).

Now that you have made improvements to you forum, why don’t you start working on improvements to shipping products that have been pre-ordered back in April? I’m still waiting on the lamp that I ordered. If you can’t supply products then you should to pre-sale them.

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They are all a mess. Around here, USPS is the worst. If I see a certain local city in my tracking, I can almost be positive my item will either go missing permanently or vanish for a few weeks until I open a few cases and then it magically appears one day with no tracking update. I am still waiting on some items that were ordered before Christmas that USPS has conveniently lost. Ever since DeJoy took over, the postal service has been an absolute mess. I can’t wait until he is gone.

UPS is the second worst around here. Yet, if I go an hour north, UPS is amazing.

Here, FedEx is the reliable service (next to DHL). If I need to make sure something gets where I want, FedEx is my go to. But like I said, around here. Its purely regional.

Agreed. Smartpost/surepost is junk. It took 6 days to send an item from my office to my house(when I tested smartpost for our company). Normal usps took a day as expected. Granted this was pre-covid. Once the pandemic is over and things recover, there had better be the same level of service they used to have. I am sick of paying for insurance or delivery guarantee and not being able to claim on it when they screw up.

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My contempt for FedEx Smartpost and UPS Surepost far predate Covid. They have been horrible services for many years. I think there’s even a Facebook page devoted to the subject.

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You mention FedEx and UPS. I don’t think our criticisms are of those services. It’s their partnerships with USPS that stink on hot ice, FedEx’ Smartpost and UPS’ Surepost.

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