Playback feature on v3 cameras dysfunctional

I have about 20 v3s at two different places. The playback feature on all but two of them are dysfunctional. I have 32g sd cards installed but trying to view playback is horrible. I can see the green segments indicting video but the majority of the time I try to access the segment, it gives an error message that there is no video selected. I have taken many steps to troubleshoot to include multiple reformatting, reinstalling the app, factory resets. The two cameras that replay well have cam plus. Hmmmmm…. I am also only getting a snapshot of motion sent to the event page but no video. Customer service could offer no solution other than to send a log. I had read where someone suggested that WYZE was dumbing down the cameras with each update trying to steer users to their streaming services. Thoughts? Solutions?

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I have 1 V3 which wyrks fine, although it has CAM+. Can you do a “screen recorder” to show us? On Android, the screen recorder option is available when you pull down the notification bar.

Here is what I see:

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#1 You should show the pic when the green line is not directly on the border, which may require a pinch-out to change the scale of the timeline.

#2 Perhaps, the microSD card is failing. Are you using cards labeled with “high endurance”? Is the card wyrking at all?

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I have exactly the same issue with 3 v3’s. It’s almost like the green area is a “ghost” from a previous day that has been over written on the card (I have no proof of this at all, it was just a thought to try to explain it and I have zero idea of how you’d try to test this theory out)

What happens when yall set the recording to “continuous”, rather than “events only”?

Maybe it is a “Sync Time” thing. There is a “Sync” button within the Advanced Settings.

It’s frustrating to be sure!

Rich Hildreth

Having the same issue on 2 of the 4 Wyze Cam V3s I own. New SD Card, reset to factory, sync time, etc… Still having issues.

Have the same issue