Camera stopped recording events

When I go to Events it is saying no events found. Last recording was Tuesday afternoon.
I deleted rules and added them back but that didn’t help. I reset the camera reconnecting to my app and that didn’t help.
Any suggestions? Thanks!

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What are your event recording settings? What service /license do you have in the camera, if any? Are you wanting cloud events, or SD card events? I ask because here you are commenting that your having SD card issues, which is different than the events viewer you mention in this topic What actual firmware version is on the camera? What rules did you have on the camera? Basically as much information as you can provide will help with the troubleshooting here.

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Your cams may be recording, just not showing you the Events. Make sure that you have no Event Filters set. None of the Quick Filter buttons at the top of the Events page should be blue. Click the Funnel Icon on the upper right and then click Clear All. If you don’t have any events after that and after verifying settings, something isn’t working right.

I had it set to record people and pets
I have Cam plus
i assume events werecgoing onSD card.
Maybe I will try anew one of those is my firmware.

It was the SD card. Put a new one in and all is good again.


Great to hear. Are you using High Endurance SD Cards?

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