Pixel Hunt 2022

Pixel Hunt starts now!

Do you like danger? Espionage? Chances to save money by playing games so simple even a child could win? Today’s your lucky day.

If you’re seeing this, the hunt begins now.

Compete against your mutual Wyze fam this week to hunt down QR codes hidden on Wyze.com. For what you ask? Those sweet, sweet dollar bills. Hunts will commence Today, 8/8, Wednesday, 8/10, and Friday, 8/12. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

How to Win:

Search Wyze.com

We’ve hidden special QR codes throughout Wyze.com, but only 1 of them contains a coupon for actual dollars off your next order. The rest of the codes are decoys (muahahahahahaaa!).

Scan the QR Code

Once you find a code, use your smartphone to scan the QR code to see if you found the special coupon. Be wary–there are some tricks & ricks hidden among these treats.

Redeem at Checkout

Found a real QR code coupon? Scurry on over to checkout, enter your coupon code and redeem your reward.

Note: these coupon codes cannot be saved; they must be used right away! When the specified number of codes have been found and used up, the hunt will close for the day.


That’s the game! Happy Pixel Hunting, friends!

Start Hunting
*Pixel Hunt Terms & Conditions
—Your friends at Wyze


This guy is too well groomed, he’ll never find an actual one, the glare off his good grooming will blind him to its genuine nature!

Full price for you, boyo… :moneybag:


The audacity to RickRoll the first QR code on the site is why I absolutely love this company! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I really thought I had something with that one.


I don’t even care about the dollars anymore!

The Rick Roll QR Code is EPIC! I love this so much!!!

Whoever had the idea to Rick Roll people needs a raise…NOW!


I’ll take one order of… SORRY, TRY AGAIN. :smile:

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I wonder what kind of noise does doll hair make?
It’s so quiet in here :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

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I found it on my first try! (not counting the Rick Roll which I did on purpose)

Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone or give hints. I also don’t plan to use the code myself…just trying to find it, and found it in the first place I looked :rofl:


I give up. Been looking for an hour. It kind of pisses you off trying to find a $5 coupon. I’ll hold on my purchase which is not what they want. This isn’t a good promo.


Maybe you could take a walk outside at night to cool off?


Out of curiosity, is there only one hidden code?
Or are there multiple?


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My understanding: There are multiple QR codes, but only one has the discount code, and the first 100 orders using that code get it. Limit of 1 per account.


There are still some left, need a hint? :grin:


Okay, so I guess I found it. But, to be honest I don’t have anything I need right now. Three questions. How do I know it is there? Is there a credit on my account? How long is it good for?

I am waiting for the next new product release and would use it on that purchase.

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Place something in your cart and apply the code at checkout, if there’s still some valid from the 100 codes it should apply. Good til midnight.


Thanks for the info, Like I said, I don’t really need anything right now. I was hoping for a new product soon. :wink:

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I haven’t done it yet as I have been busy all day, but my understanding is that once you find the real QR (not a decoy), you will know it and it will set you up with a special discount code to use at checkout.

Found this on the website:


Yes, you will see a video and in that video it will show a redemption code that you type in at checkout. So you will know it when you see it.


The best comment is always first. :slight_smile:


Well this is quite a hunt for sure lol. I must be totally looking in the wrong places or not being patient enough lol.