Pixel Hunt 2022

@carverofchoice snarfed 'em all up. He’s now distributing them to his big extended family in the state below Idaho. :wink:


Maybe i could be a part of the extended family only in KY​:joy::joy:

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Can someone explain the thought process of having QR codes on a website? The whole idea behind QR codes was to give people a quick way to get to a website. This feels overly redundant.

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Madcap? :slight_smile:

Does this even work?

I found the code but when I put it in the cart it says it is not valid for my items !!
I couldn’t get help from support! they said that the first 25 people ended

All coupons have been claimed.

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thats OK !! You should change the erro message like others code !!

HAIRDOLLZZZ Drats! You were so close, but all of today’s coupon codes have been claimed.