Pixel Hunt 2002 - Day 2

Hello Forum, friends. are you ready for Day 2? :grinning:

Pixel Hunt Day 2: The Codes Strike Back

Hunt for a chance to get $10 off your order!

Monday’s hunt was just a warm up. Today the hunt begins anew and we up the ante. If you’re seeing this, today’s hunt starts right now. Get to it, friends!
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*Pixel Hunt Terms & Conditions
Hunt down QR codes hidden on wyze.com for those sweet, sweet dollar bills. Hunts will commence today Wednesday, 8/10, and Friday, 8/12. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • Wednesday 8/10 - 1st 50 to find the QR code & use the coupon receive $10 off their wyze.com order.

About the Hunt:

Search Wyze.com

We’ve hidden special QR codes throughout Wyze.com, but only 1 of them contains a coupon for actual dollars off your next order. The rest of the codes are decoys (muahahahahahaaa!).

Scan the QR Code

Once you find a code, use your smartphone to scan the QR code to see if you found the special coupon. Be wary–there are some tricks & ricks hidden among these treats.

Redeem at Checkout

Found a real QR code coupon? Scurry on over to checkout, enter your coupon code and redeem your reward.

Note: these coupon codes cannot be saved; they must be used right away! When the specified number of codes have been found and used up, the hunt will close for the day.


That’s the game! Happy Pixel Hunting, friends!

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*Pixel Hunt Terms & Conditions


The video with the code has 7 views but all the codes were claimed. Something is not adding up here.


Complete waste of time. I searched for hours on 8/8,8/9 and 8/10 then finally found 2 codes and all the codes already redeemed on both days. Such a turn off that I’m not even going to place an order anymore.

Wyze team, if your reading this, please make these games easier for your customers to get a code in the future. Stop wasting our time searching for nothing just to get a $5 coupon code. Not ordering from Wyze.com.


All codes have been used for the day.

“Aw dang! All of today’s coupon codes have been claimed, but you can try again on Friday.”

If you found the code but were getting the message they were all used please try again.

Thank you for participating all the codes have been found for today but another chance is coming Friday. :grin:

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YouTube can be slow to update view count, and I’m sure some users have been sharing the coupon codes… :eyes: