PIR Setting

When I go to camera > settings > detection settings > air effective area:

I see a rectangular box with the lower 2/3 dark blue and the upper 1/3 black


the lower 2/3 is shaded transparent blue and the upper 1/3 is clear photo/video.

What do these things mean?

the lower 2/3 is the PIR sensor. that is the effective area for the WCO and its PIR sensor to detect motion. make sure the area you want to trigger the camera is within that shaded area.

the WCO detects VERY differently from the other cameras and using the PIR sensor will get far fewer false alarms because it’s trigger to record is actual body heat. so flashing light wont trigger it to record or headlights or any of those silly things we have to deal with on other cameras :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure that is supposed to be an overlay over your camera’s view, but they seem to have a lot of trouble getting the camera’s view behind it. I suppose if you look at the approximate arrangement of the overlay and then go back to live view, you can approximate how to better position your camera.

@Bam explained what the lower 2/3’s represents, which is the all-important PIR trigger area that wakes up your camera to record a moving heat source.



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@Newshound with the save. for some reason I didn’t think to clarify like that. yes, you should have your camera view there.

so I just threw a WCO up and got a pic of it. so you can see the overlay. :sunglasses:


Can I jump on this kind of old thread to ask how the “Detection Zone” and the “PIR Effective Area” combine to result in monitoring the area you want?

I just bought a WCO for monitoring the driveway between our house and my neighbor’s house. Almost the entire area of the camera’s view needs to be monitored for movement, so I highlighted all of that in the “Detection Zone” setting. Then I see that only 2/3 of the screen will be in the “PIR Effective Area.” Does that mean I won’t receive any motion detection for the top 1/3 of the screen??? Or only that persons / vehicles / etc. won’t be identified in that top third?

The PIR zone is larger than you think. If you can zoom in on the picture below you will see that the top of the PIR is about where I put the red line. See video. I don’t have cam plus so I get all motion notifications. The van is 55 feet from the camera, You won’t detect any people outside of 25 feet.

To be clear - detection by itself detects all motion, and PIR detects things that emit warmth, like people, animals, etc.? I understand that the bottom 2/3 of my camera’s view are in the PIR. I have this pointed at my driveway. The PIR covers the part of my driveway nearest my garage doors (camera is mounted above the garage doors, pointing mostly down). I want to detect ALL motion in my driveway, so I don’t really understand what the PIR does. I also had this outdoor camera set up for a couple of days INSIDE my window (also overlooking my driveway) and now know that it does NOT detect motion when behind a window, because there’s no “warmth,” so I’m concerned that any motion outside the PIR zone will continue to NOT be detected.

@Antonius , the little green boxes “following” the van do seem to indicate that motion is detected OUTSIDE the PIR, so I’m hopeful that I’m understanding this correctly.

I get many motion triggered events on all 4 of my WCO. I have never had luck detecting people or other living creatures beyond about 25 feet. The cams do like cars and trucks though further out in the street and I know it is not the PIR setting it off, not at 50 + feet. From this cam in my video to the end of the fence is 26 feet 3 inches, then another 24 feet to edge of my side of the street. :upside_down_face: