WCO- Is the PIR Sensitive Area In New Pixels

Can someone please explain which part of the new dark shaded pixels for the motion detection zone is the active motion detection area, the dark area we blot out or the undarkened area?

Active is the light ones in the " motion detection" Zone grid. Just keep poking the dark ones to turn light. The PIR is a different zone, it’s the green area with the green line on top. You have to adjust the camera to change what is in the green shaded area.

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Okay, so if i have the area that is NOT shaded by dark pixels, with movemant through it then the Camera would register motion, am I following correctly now?

The PIR wakes the camera up. Only motion in the PIR Area will wake the camera up. At that point, the algorithm that checks the motion can utilize the Detection Zone.

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Yes it should. Here is a picture of the PIR zone from my front. It is set that anything crossing the PIR zone at an angle will set off the cam and send a notification. If you have it so object is approaching the camera head on you are making a mistake. The PIR zone is wide, adjust so things cross it not approach it.


Thanks Antonius,
that picture you posted with explaination helped also helped tremendously because I was never fully able to tell by the info whether the dark green part of the detection zone to begin with was actually the active portion or not. It was always a vague explaination so now I see I have to flip my camera to get it right.

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Flip the camera ? did you install the cam upside down?. You can attach the camera to the magnetic base either on the top or bottom of the cam, but you need to turn the mounting base so the magnet is facing down, not up to attach to the top of the camera. I moved and mounted my 4 cams 4 times before I was satisfied with the view and performance…:open_mouth: The PIR detection zone is everything below the green line on top of the shaded area.

In reply to whether I mounted my WCO upside down, I am not sure at the moment. It’s ladder height but I can tell you that the green zone in detection settings is on top of my scene, which leaves little in the way of detection area now that I know that is Not the area I should be focusing on, but the small clear area below that line.
I just need to tilt the Cam down more to capture more area.

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Here is a shot of my Detection Zone the way it stands the past six months. Only traffic I get is landscaper cutting grass under it. I need to climb up and tilt it up now.

Mr. Terry Gero

Camera Mounting

The PIR zone

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Thanks so much for that orientation guide Antonius. It really should have been in the basic installation hanging guide when I received it, unless it is now.
Looks like I’ll be changing it.

Mr. Terry Gero

There are very few 'instructions". You can find some information here, it is under support.


Maybe it’s just that I am using my ipad and safari at the moment, but the link goes to one of the pages that has Very Ambiguous algorythmic type instructions that never actually, in the eight steps I tried got me to “Support” to find it. But I got my Outside Cam set right, so all’s good.

Mr. Terry Gero

I hope you get it to work correctly, I am almost out of :relaxed: And make sure you go to the detection zone setting and tap the grid to show all the areas you want for motion. By default it is all darkened out.

I’ve been struggling to get mine to work since I got it last Sept. Its quite frustrating. I don’t know if ut makes a difference what color the pir area is but it changed to blue a while back. Any other tips to get it to detect motion is appreciated.

I’ve never see a Blue PIR area? Your settings at 26 and 60? put them both at 100. If you are trying to view the doorway tilt your camera up so the entire entry way is in the shaded area and turn the camera more to the left. The PIR zone is quite wide and you should set it so motion is crossing the zone a an angle. How far is the cam away from the walkway and door it looks quite far. To view my front door area I have it set as shown on below picture. The red line I drew on it is where the face of the camera is pointing. Do you know what version of app and firmware you are using?
Another edit: Is your outdoor cam looking through a glass/plastic/or plexiglass window? That won’t work with the PIR.