Cam Outdoor V2 Detection Zone Area

On the Cam Outdoor V2 under Detection Settings there is an image on the bottom.

The image is split in half with the upper area clear and the lower are filtered in blue.

Is the lower area blocked out?

How can I get the whole area to be a detection area?

The camera won’t even detect my dog when he passes by


On the battery powered WCOs, they use a PIR sensor to detect motion. This PIR sensor can only see the bottom half of the screen, indicated by the blue.

Once the PIR sensor detects motion, the camera will wake up, check it the motion is within the detection zone you set, and then record/upload.

Because of this, it’s important how you place the cam for best motion detection. It has a hard time sensing motion coming straight at it, because the heat signature doesn’t change much, and is much better if you have people walk across the FOV.

Also, make sure the motion is close to the camera, and not super far away. You also may want to increase the distance and sensitivity

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There are two zones PIR Effective zone and the Detection Zone.
PIR is everything below the red line I drew.
Detection zone is where you tap the squares to block out areas you don’t want motion detected (Dark Boxes)

PIR works best when motion is across the field of view. Pink line is where the face of the cam is facing. Black line is the best to catch motion just ask my :raccoon: friends…

DETECTION ZONE- I usually just clear it all and no areas selected to block.


Thank you Antonius!