What is the secret to getting the detection zone dialed in?

I have tried all sorts of combinations for the detection zones (range and sensitivity) but nothing really seems to work. I pick up trash trucks all day long but can’t get the camera to detect dogs/people in my yard even though that area is within the detection zone. I even pay for cam plus so that I can set the zone to be more specific. I am frustrated and about to go to another brand of cameras… I have them for security reasons but they never seem to detect when there have been true issues.

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Based on tags, you are using the outdoor battery cam is that correct? Since this cam uses a PIR sensor (detects heat), it can be a little different from normal pixel based cams.

Basically, for optimal detection, you want the motion to happen across the camera, rather than towards it. If you can position the cam where people walk from one side to the other of the view, it will work much better. Also keep in mind only the bottom half of the view can detect motion, so make sure the cams not mounted upside down.

Additionally, make sure the cooldown for events is disabled. Cam Plus allows you to disable this, but you may need to set it in the cams settings.

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