Outdoor cam doesn't detect Person until close

Why doesn’t my Outdoor Cam detect and record a person coming to my front door until they are actually at the door? I’ve tried adjusting the distance sensitivity for far to close and in between. I’ve narrowed the target field. Nothing. Particularly weird since it will sense a vehicle pass on the street 100 feet away; but not a person walking up my 50 foot entranceway.
Any help?

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If I recall, and someone will come correct me if I am wrong, these do best at picking up motion crossing its field than coming directly at it. That is probably why it is seeing cars pass but not someone walk up until they are right there

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If your cam is pointing straight out toward the walkway to your door it is a mistake. As Jason said turn the cam or move it so the object/person is crossing the PIR zone not coming directly at it or away from it. When I had my Wyze Outdoor cam pointed at my driveway I had the face of the cam pointing across the driveway as show with the red and yellow lines. I moved the cam from the red line direction to the yellow direction. The PIR zone is very wide, turn the cam so the face of the cam is at an angle to the walkway left or right.


Thank you both. Seems pretty lame that a security camera can’t detect directly in front of it; but I will begrudgingly move it.

security camera :rofl: I would say surveillance camera is a better choice of a description. Although my WCO cams do give me a notification alert in 5-8 seconds. I do not have cam plus on those cams.

CamPlus does not change notification lag.