PIR on outdoor cam

How does the PIR motion detection recording work for the Wyze Outdoor Cam? The website states that recordings are saved automatically to the cloud for 14-days free, So does this mean that anytime the camera detects motion, it will AUTOMATICALLY record to the cloud for 14 days? Or does this mean that when motion is detected, I will get an email notification, and I have to MANUALLY start recording?

When the camera picks up motion with the PIR sensors, the camera wake up and starts recording. If the event passes the sensitivity setting a clip is saved and uploaded to the cloud. That clip is available to you in the event tab for 14 days. There are two types of cloud storage, the free 12 second clip with a 5 minutes cool down, and the camplus which creates a clip for the entirety of the motion and uploads it to the cloud with no cooldown afterwards.

Wyze does not to email notifications for events, only in app notifications.

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Automatically. But there are several limitations to the battery powered outdoor model. Use a V3 if you can.

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Thank you! Is there a subscription for the camplus recording?

Thank you! Is the V3 meant for outdoors though?

Yes camplus works on the wco.

And yes the v3 is outdoor rated. If you can get power to your camera location, Iā€™d suggest go V3.

Great! Thank you so much for your prompt reply and help.