PIR Effective Area meaning unclear? Is blue in or out of zone?!?

“Ensure the desired area is within the detection zone”

Nothing in the FAQs or app explains whether the light blue area is inside or outside of the detection zone. I assumed blue was inside, but the motion detection has been terrible on my Outdoor Cam v2.

Is the road in this image in or out of the detection zone?!? Terrible documentation on the part of WYZE…

Actually that is the PIR Effective and yes the road is in it. The Detection Zone is another setting on the same part of the app. You can choose the area to block or view motion. IF you are trying to view vehicles point the face of the cam at the little tree.


Yeah, the blue area is where the PIR will trigger the camera to turn on.

If you also set a detection zone, then AFTER the PIR turns the camera on, it will use the detection zone to see if there is movement within the detection zone that is setup. If there is movement in the detection it will record an event, if the movement is outside the detection zone, then it will not record the event, and thus preserve a little more of the battery life.