Pink shadows

Anyone have this issue? My camera turned pink. Firmware up to date. Toggled night vision. Unplug replug…
Same :frowning:

Wiza cam pan.

Hello @hgallegos915, can you post a screenshot of this happing?

This isa what I see.

That looks like a hardware issue. I would recommend submitting a support request. Keep in mind, support is backlogged a little bit. If you don’t hear anything back in 5-7 days, update this thread.

Having a similar issue over here… Bought my Cam Pan back in July 2018, in November 2018 started to have the same issues I have now. Logged a ticket and got a new camera. Now April 2020 I am having same issues. Logged a ticket April 11th 2020 Ticket #525310, still havent heard from Wyze. Find attached the 2018 pic and 2020 pic.

I have this issue with one of my v2 cams i am guessing the sensor is getting damaged somehow (heat or overexposure or something)

This is an issue with the video processor unfortunately - 2 of my outdoor cameras have it after about 2 years, and it gets progressively worse. Eventually you will get static and lines over the entire image, and it’s time to buy a new one. But at least the cameras are cheap, and they survived 2 winters and summers, with a temperature change between -38 F to +101F, so I think I got my money’s worth.