Pink Tint Pink Flashes

Doea Wyze have a fix for the pink tint and pink flashes that are showing up on 2 of my Pan Cams? I read many others are experiening the same. I didn’t experience this until after a software update I believe 2 updates ago. What is the fix?

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Welcome to the community @Dmcribb .

I have seen reports of pink tint in the forums before. Seems that it may be related to the Night Mode but normally it covers more of the image. To test this out and see if it is related, Connect to your Pan Cam, and Cycle through each setting: Auto, Off, On. Wait for a period of time between each to see the Camera Live Stream Changes.

The Night Vision Toggle is the little Moon at the Top Right of the Stream under the settings button.

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When are you going to fix the v2 camera pink flash issue?

What I am experiencing is NOT the pink tint issue. My issue is a pink FLASH that happens when ever my V2 camera’s are turned on via the app. As the camera turns on it’s makes a loud click and then flashes pink. My other V3 cameras in the area can pick up and record the V2 camera flash. All my V2 camera’s have this issue. So I’m not sure why post was put here by a moderator.

I also have noticed this and was looking for an explanation as to what it is.

It’s not a tint, nor is it related to night mode bc it happens at any time of day.

Every single time I turn the camera on via the app and then go watch the playback, the video starts as normal and then a second or so into it, there’s a loud clicking noise and pink / purple flash (not visible to me while I look directly at the camera itself; only visible via recorded video) that covers the whole screen for a moment and then it goes away. Like clockwork, every single time the camera is turned on after being off.

I played with it a bit and tried using the Take Photo option while recording but that doesn’t cause it, so I’m unsure what it is?

Here is an explanation as to why the pink flash issue happens from darkpuma.

When the camera powers on it does something (I read the technical explanation ages ago, I think it has to do with the IR filter flipping up and back down). This causes a mechanical click, and produces a pink flash as it moves. Back on older firmware notifications wouldn’t turn on until after this had happened. Wyze changed something in the firmware to speed up notifications, and an unwanted effect of this is now that the camera is ready to send notifications before this IR filter movement even completes… so here’s the sequence of events

  1. Power on camera
  2. Camera ready to detect motion/send notifications
  3. IR filter moves a split second later producing a click and pink flash
  4. Camera recognizes this as sound and movement, and sends a notification
  5. User gets a nuisance notification

What you need to do is create two rules, e.g:
8:00 - Power on camera
8:02 - Turn on notifications from camera