Pink light near the power button

Hey I’m having a bit of an issue with my noice canceling headphones I’ve have them for about a year now and everything’s been fine up until last night when I got caught in a rainstorm and they began to go in a loop of turning on connecting to my phone only to go off again and after leaving them to die then charge them again I’ve only been met with a red and now pink light next to the power button of anyone has anything to try and help me id greatly appreciate it

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As you may suspect, sounds like moisture probably got in and did some damage to the internals.

Outside of gently taking apart to see if there is corrosion that could be cleaned. (Which I have never done with the headphones) I am not sure much could be done outside of making sure they are fully dried.

Maybe trying some compressed air.

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That was my concern, too. I’m dubious about the whole “put your wet phone in rice” thing, but I wonder about trying compressed air and letting it sit in a box with desiccant packets (e.g., silica gel) or something.

I also wonder what the “pink light” means, because I don’t see that in the relevant Support article:

It makes me think of a Bluetooth speaker I have. It’s got this LED charging indicator near the USB port on the back that, according to the guide, is blue and red when the speaker is charging and red when the speaker is fully charged. If I look at it from the right angle, though, it does kind of look pink when it’s supposed to be “blue and red”. (When it’s red, it’s definitely red.)

Since there’s no mention of whether or not the light is blinking, I wonder if something like that is happening. In any case, since the light is coming on at all, that seems like it might be a good sign.

There was also no indication of whether or not the headphones still give the “power on” and “power off” voice prompts, so I’d be curious about that.

If I were to try to salvage these, I’d probably give them a good blow and maybe let them sit with desiccant for a day or so, then try to fully charge them, then see what happens when trying to power them up (i.e., do they talk to me?) and go from there. Maybe delete them from the app and start over if I made it that far, since there’s no factory reset:

Then after that check for a firmware update.

If they got wet and are flaking out now because of it, then probably anything you do isn’t going to break them more. :man_shrugging: