Headphones always have red LED on

A few days back, after I charged my Wyze headphones, they started doing this weird thing: even after turning them off, the red LED light (on right speaker) never turns off. Otherwise they seem to function fine. But it’s annoying because even when off, the batter slowly discharges (~10% over 3 days)

Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?

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That is strange. Have you tried letting it discharge all the way before recharging?

That’s a good idea, thanks! trying. Will report back

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No dice. I let them completely discharge. Then I plugged them in. Had both LEDs red,

After some time, they charged and the LED on left turned green but LED on the right stayed red. Even when I unplug them the LED on the right stays on red (with headphones OFF)

Just FYI in case someone runs into this as well:
Talked to Wyze support, sound like I need a new set of headphones that they will be sending out.

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Thanks for following up. Glad you have a solution in the works!