Photos Sent to Google Photos

Each time I view my cameras a photo is sent to Google Photos. Is there a setting to stop this action?


My guess is you are on Android. If so this is something you have to change on the phone by excluding the location Wyze stores it’s thumbnails from Google Photos.

What I believe is happening is Google Photos is monitoring your phone for new image files. Wyze creates a new ‘photo’ every time you live view a camera to use as the thumbnail on the home screen.


Thanks, that did it, I disabled the collection of photos from that folder within Google Photos.

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You are very welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like having Google Backup my Wyze recordings and would like Wyze to use the same “photo” and “Video” folders so I do not have to have an endless list of that same name in my Google Photos Back-up list.

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Everyone’s use case may be different but stick with whatever works for you. By definition that’s what’s best! :smiley: