Camera snapshots no longer synced in my "google photos"

I just updated to the latest Wyze Android app v2.12.29, and now when I take snapshots while I look at a camera, they are no longer being synced to my google photos, which was the case before upgrading.

What has changed here??
Good thing I made a backup of the older version of the app.


No, Google did it and blamed it on CoViD-19. You should be able to turn it back on. This is underpublicized.

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yeah google has recently change quite a bit! and most have missed it due to other news

good catch @Customer

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That article isn’t dated, but issue came up the moment I updated the Wyze app. I figured it out after, but it’s just a very strange coincidence.
I also find it annoying that Wyze doesn’t let you use the default camera folder for photo/video, there should be an option for that.

If you click the Community tab there you’ll find it was posted 6/29/2020 and they say the Photos app has issued warnings too. You’re welcome.