Pets are not people

Cam Plus user. When I’m at work on night shift I get multiple person alerts in my home. Every time I review the clips it’s my cats. I’ve submitted hundreds of clips to “help improve” the AI yet the problem persists. Does anyone else have this problem? It’s quite annoying seems to be desensitizing me to person alerts. I don’t want to not check in case there is actually a person in my home. How can I make this stop? I thought paying for Cam Plus was supposed to stop the annoying motion alerts.

While the cat may have been the movement that initiated the Motion Event, there is no way with any degree of certainty to be sure the cat is what is being tagged as a person. The green tracking box is applied by the cam before it is uploaded to the AI Server for the bot to interrogate. It also only shows what is moving. The AI bot, on the other hand, looks at all objects within the active DZ equally… moving or not. It is possible that another object within the frame is being confused as the outline of a person.

From looking at the photo, nothing particular stands out except possibly the reflections in the mirrored doors.

One way to combat this is to use the DZ to block out one item at a time until the Person Event notifications subside.


That’s a great theory. It might hold water if it weren’t happening on all 5 cameras in my house. The square follows the cat on all false Person detection on every camera, that photo was just an example. The cats are the only things moving in my house. There aren’t mirrors in view of all cameras and it happens. Living room, front room, bedroom, everywhere.

Some days the AI events are reliable and other days not so much…

Vehicle detection is worst, any moving object with a vehicle in the frame cause a vehicle detection even though vehicle is parked.

I have had a deer detected as a person too from time to time, but what can you expect from the “Bic Lighter” of cameras…LOL


Haha, Bic Lighter of cameras, love it. When I first got Cam Plus I wasn’t having this issue. It started several “updates” ago, then was briefly fixed, then came back. Wish they’d get a handle on it.

Bradley Leyten

My issue exactly! I have to turn the camera(s) away from my driveway/garage otherwise everything sets them off when I only want vehicles coming in my driveway to be detected. Frustrating!!

It’s not a theory. That is how the AI detection works. There is no possible way to accurately identify what is being tagged. A guess is all that can be achieved.

Again, the green square means nothing when identifying AI tags. Search the forum and confirm it.

Again, motion only initiates the cam. It has no bearing whatsoever on what the AI Bot is identifying.

I wasn’t suggesting it was the mirror causing a reflection, but the shape of the object in the reflection. Every cam video will need to be visually inspected for whatever object in the frame is being confused by the AI.

I have seen this complaint so many times I have lost count. Is the AI Perfect? Absolutely not. There is vast room for improvement. But jumping to the conclusion that the moving object is what is being tagged is more wrong than the AI will ever be. The AI doesn’t work that way. It never has. The vast majority of the time, the AI is indeed confused, but the confusion is from a stationary object in the frame being tagged incorrectly.

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You can’t seriously be suggesting that they put the green box there only to show what’s moving?! That’s the whole purpose of the green box, to identify the trigger. It’s why the popup notification shows a still frame with the object that triggered the even with a green box around it. Quit defending their flawed software. Unless you wrote the software I’m not interested in your guessing game about how it works. The AI is clearly mistaking my cats for a person.

No it isn’t a suggestion. It is a known fact. Do a forum search and confirm it.

Yes. It identifies the MOTION TRIGGER (sometimes). It does NOT identify the AI TAG.

If you watch uploaded videos of Motion Only Events that have not been AI tagged, you will still see the Green Motion Tracking Box even though there are no AI objects tagged. It only marks what is being perceived by the cam as motion at that moment in time. That is all it does.

If you watch longer videos with multiple moving objects, you will see that each moving object can have it’s own green box or the green box will jump from one object to another. It only marks motion. That is all it does.

If you turn off the Motion Tracking Green box, you will see that it has no affect whatsoever on the number of motion activated uploads or the number of AI tags, false positive or true tags. It only marks motion. That is all it does.

If you turn off all Event Recording to prevent all uploads to the AI servers, record continuously to your SD Card, and leave the green box active, you will see that you get no AI tagging events, no uploads, but the green box is still on your SD Playback video. The cam overlays the green box when the recording is happening using the motion detection algorithms on the cam firmware, the green box has nothing to do with AI tagging.

Again yes. MOTION TRIGGER. AI tagging is NOT, nor has it ever been based on motion. The Cam adds the box, not the AI Server.

Again, some research on your behalf might enlighten you.

I certainly do wish you all the best of luck in getting that to improve.

I have found that AI misidentifying something as a Person is about the same with Cam Plus and Cam Plus Lite. For me, I try to re-aim my cameras that have the most false Persons.

Do you need a camera aimed at your bed? How about a camera on your front door or other area your cat is unlikely to trigger (but an intruder would trigger).

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I have gone thru the false person detection issues on my cams as well. Most of my false detections were reduced thru trial and error using the Detection Zone to selectively block out a specific dark contrast shape in the FOV until I saw a marked decrease in the number of false positives… Mailboxes, trees, shrubs, lampposts, etc.

SlabSlayer, I was trying to reply to the OP and after the fact notice I replied to you. Sorry for the confusion.

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No confusion. All good. I saw that (because I have done that countless times). Would have shared anyway.:grin:

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There are people who would disagree with the subject of this post. They think that their pets ARE people.
OK, just in jest, but you know what I mean with some people and their pets :slight_smile:

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My WCO critter cam says Dieudonneé Possum is a person every time she comes into view. Of course the WCO only has two choices Person or Motion with Cam Plus Lite and I have tagged her as person about 90 times :grin:

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