Apparently, cats are people too!

So…all of a sudden, my front porch V3 cam is alerting me that there is a person on my front porch (at 2:35 am, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :expressionless:) when it is only a cat!

This happened twice now (the last two nights).

What gives?!

No surprise there, Mine goes off whenever anyone drives by with their headlights on. The lignt reflects off of something that’s in my field of vision and sends me an alert and turns on my floodlights.

I don’t have an alert device (phone or iPad) in my bedroom when I’m asleep. I realize that cuts out a lot of the purpose behind this thing… to alert you any time of the day or night. Not happy about that, but it is what it is.

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LOL :joy:

I subscribe to Cam Plus for that cam, so I have it set to notify me only for person detection. Up to this point, it’s been pretty reliable, but getting woken up in the middle of night for a cat :scream_cat:

No bueno!

I have one V3 aimed at my mailbox. At times a car will drive by and something in the frame is tagged as Person. I have re-aimed the camera and submitted corrected AI videos to Wyze which seems to have helped.

Also, I have Cam Plus Lite and it will notify me of Person events only (just not other AI Events like Packages, Pets etc.).

While the cat may have been the moving object that initiated a Motion Activated Event Server Upload, and may be the moving object that is being tagged with the green Motion Tagging box (if you have that feature enabled), this does not guarantee that it was the object that was tagged as a person.

Wyze AI does not discriminate between moving objects and stationary objects when interrogating the video for AI. Any object in the active Detection Zone, even if it is partially obscured by the Excluded DZ, moving or stationary, is considered and eligible to be AI tagged. And, Wyze does not mark what object in the video was AI tagged.

It is very possible that there is another object, most likely inanimate, that is being tagged as a person. The only option is to speculate by viewing the uploaded and tagged video.

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In my case, there is not much to mistake as a person. Take a look.

Any ideas?

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By my experience with person detection, the AI just isn’t where it needs to be yet. It seems to struggle identifying small animals correctly. I believe Wyze will eventually get it perfected, but for now I just wait patiently.

My cat gets identified as a person frequently. This doesn’t just happen to my cat either. I have one camera setup in front of my bird feeder and the AI will identify the birds as a person as well. Not as frequent as my cat but it does happen occasionally. When there are several birds flying around the feeder at once, the AI seems to get confused and labels it as a person.

We have a lot of possums visiting at night and they too are labeled as a person very frequently. If Alexa tells me there is a person in my backyard, most of the time it’s a small animal. Even my neighbor’s little dog gets identified as a person as well. One thing I have noticed though, it seems to be worse at night. It rarely happens during the day.

On a positive note, the AI does a great job identifying people. When I receive a notification that a person is in my driveway, it’s correct 98 percent of the time.

Not much to mistake when watching the video, however the angle of the image is what may be producing the tag variance.

The AI models, and Wyze Cams in general, are designed with an eye height and crossing field of view sweet spot. The higher the angle, the less effective the AI gets. Looking down on the head of a person is a completely different shot than the side profile that it is designed to recognize.

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