Pet, Package, and Vehicle Detection as well as Facial Recognition Coming to Cam Plus

You and me both! I have 4 cats and we also get racoons walking through my property every day. I love the pet detection.

When are you guys going to combine the pancam and v3? I am waiting on a movable outdoor cam with the newer camera. The v3 is really sharp and even in near darkness gives a great night time picture/video! Iam half tempted to gut one of each to hodgepodge a faux 4!!!

So, they posted an update about the pet detection issue and AI in general. You should go read the full post:

The part about pet detection, they said this:

I tried that and it didn’t fix anything (and posted that it didn’t change anything), but you should try it too, and report back in there if it worked for you or even if it didn’t. He’s indicating we should be able to use Pet detection.

Interesting…I also tried, but no luck for me as well.

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Will you post that in the other thread there so that he reads it and knows that it doesn’t fix our problem and it’s not just an isolated case?

The Wyze AI doesn’t work. It keeps labeling recordings of people walking their dogs as people and vehicles. People pushing baby carts show as people and vehicles. Birds show as people. This is what you released to us Wyze…seriously?


I understand you may be frustrated but obviously, the rest of us are not having your experience. The only problem with AI recognition I’ve had is at night. I have a cam on the driveway. I live on a busy street so all the headlights going by will create shadows from the mailbox or whatever which will trigger a person or vehicle that has been sitting in my driveway for hours.

Perhaps give more context to your complaint on how it happens. Saying that Wyze released something that is happening that for everybody is simply not true.

And maybe help the community by providing constructive feedback and not just blasting accusations on a forum.

P.S. sorry, I guess I’ve had enough of complaining internet people.

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You want more content about the issue I’m having…okay. Day or night when a person even it triggered, it is labeled as a person and a vehicle, with no vehicles in the view. People walking their dogs, the trigger is a person and a vehicle, and again no vehicles were in the view. People pushing a baby cart are triggered as person and a vehicle, with no vehicles in view. Birds are triggered as a person and sometimes as a vehicle, with no people or vehicles in the view.

It never used to do this, so something has happened with the recent firmware maybe.

P.S. I’m sorry too, I’ve just had enough of buggy software from Wyze, which is happening more frequently.

Have you tried deleting the camera/doorbell and re-adding it? What you are describing has not been talked about on these forums in any major way that I’m aware of. This is clearly not the norm for the rest of us.

Have you adjusted sensitivity settings? Have you tried turning things off and back on (CAM PLUS settings)?

I agree that Wyze has some weirdness (they are ultra-cheap so I’m good with some weirdness, but I"m cheap). Your experience is unfortunate, but the extreme bugs you are getting is not a software thing…because I use the same software on 3 cameras and don’t have that happen at all. I just wonder if it’s the hardware?

Do you have another camera to assign the CamPlus license to? See if a different one behaves that way? i.e. a 2nd opinion.

Sample videos ?

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It’s definitely not a hardware issue, because it would be highly unlikely that all my cameras are experiencing this same issue. And yes I’ve tried all the troubleshooting procedures. Every time there is an issue I have to go through those procedures for each camera and it gets very time consuming.

In the AI threads they’ve been discussing doing some upgrades on the AI, some of it in-house. They are also working on training the AI to recognize and limit things to detection zone areas, so you could exclude the road or certain areas on screen and the AI will only scan video within the zone you created.

AI training can take a while though. That’s why they want people submitting example videos. Anytime you get videos like that, with false detections, I recommend uploading them with the correct tags so they can use those as samples to tell the AI when it mis-identified things. They appear to do these in batches, so it won’t change things immediately, but when they do another upgrade it is likely to help.

Wonder if there is some shape or object in Resist’s field of view that is always interpreted as a vehicle.


good point. I have a fire hydrant in one part of my yard that is ALWAYS interpreted as a person…I hate it :slight_smile:

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Most movement is being categorized as a vehicle by the AI, it’s getting very ridiculous now. Doesn’t matter if it’s a shadow from a tree, or turkeys or dogs, even people. Wyze did their own testing on the AI first, then they let some of us beta test it, now it’s out to the masses and yet it’s still not right. In its current form, it is useless to me and feel like I’ve wasted some of the money I’ve been paying on it with CamPlus.

I have been uploading the videos to Wyze, but it can take 30 minutes a day to send them all the videos my cameras capture that are labeled wrong. It’s pretty lame that their AI sees a turkey sitting on my fence as a vehicle.

This is just another example of Wyze focusing their resources on new product development, instead of fixing current products and software. They had better hope to sell the company before it falls on their faces, because poor product support and bad customer service will be their demise.

I am a little confused, because they are devoting more effort to this AI stuff than to anything else, and the AI is primarily about improving their original/current product and software. Being a tester for all of this AI stuff nearly since it came out, I can definitely attest to seeing huge improvements in the detection basically every month or at least every other month. Huge improvements. The pet detection got astronomically better. The system used to tag all my cats and the racoons as persons, and it happened less and less. Then only my black cat was a person, then that cut in half, then it was only a couple of times a day, now it’s only a couple of times a week. Going from every single video of all my cats being tagged as persons…we’re talking DOZENS of times every day (and I had Alexa announcing false person detection announcements to me and my family dozens of times a day constantly because of our cats…and I mean multiple times per hour), to suddenly 0 times for all but one of my cats (the black one), and that one only a couple times a week is LOTS of progress, especially for an AI. And that’s just the difference for that one feature. Packages have gotten way improved. Person detection has gotten so good for me that I bought extra subscriptions for my outside cams.

I am not saying it is perfect by any means, but progress? I absolutely have personally witnessed HUGE measurable changes in detection as I’ve constantly tested. I don’t work for Wyze or anything like that at all, and I criticize them where criticism is due, but I definitely can’t say they aren’t constantly and actively working on making this original current Wyze Cam product better. I have definitely witnessed huge improvements. I follow all the other AI announcement threads, and they are exciting and making tons of progress.

I also fully agree that they have a lot of improvements to still work on, even with this AI stuff, I am frustrated we aren’t given the option to detect all AI things, but only get notifications for certain AI things. For example, maybe I want it to detect my pets, or cars, but only notify me of people or packages (or detect everything, but only notify about pets). Then I can still get events tagged and filtered, without notifications except for the one thing I want a notification for. It doesn’t seem to work right that way…but I am confident these things will get worked out.

Anyway, I totally understand being frustrated. Submissions really are helpful though, I promise. I have definitely seen improvement. Like I said, it doesn’t happen all at once…the AI needs lots of similar examples over time, and I don’t think they immediately submit them all to it’s database, so it happens in batches over long stretches of time, but they definitely have several employees fully dedicated to just this one thing, and I’ve been impressed with what they’re doing and the updates they’re giving. Having some coding experience myself, I know it goes way slower than we’d all like, but it really is getting somewhere. I witnessed absolutely concrete differences just in 2021 alone…and thank heavens for that or my wife would kill me if we were still getting 2 dozen or more “Person detected” announcements…it was especially funny if a cat layed down on the porch and we just got repeated detection announcements over and over again until someone went to pull the cat inside. :rofl: We don’t have those issues anymore.

All I’m saying is, they definitely are working on the current original product improvements and such. That’s what all this is directly about.


@Resist – aside from anything in this thread, has anything Wyze ever worked for you?


That’s all fine and good but I didn’t sign up to be a beta tester. I just want what I’m paying for! While it’s great that it’s getting better and will be even better down the road, what matters to me is how it functions now. And right now it’s useless to me!

I looked over a lot of the past posts and I have sincere question…if nothing ever works correctly in the last 2+ years and every product bought from Wyze is messed up with problems and complaints and not meeting desired standards, why not just auction everything off and buy into a different ecosystem? That is totally what I would do if so many things from a company never met my standards for 3 years now.

Seriously, what do you like about Wyze and why do you stay and why keep buying their products and subscriptions and participating in the forums? I can’t imagine doing that in a similar situation…I was active with some other companies and felt the same way about those, so I can totally empathize with the frustration…but I ditched them, ditched their forums and found Wyze and love it here because it was much more what I was personally looking for.

We each have different tastes and preferences, I totally understand if things are worthless for your situation…I’ve been there, really. Life is too short, I’m telling you it’s so much better to find a situation that does fit our individual needs. You’ve been with Wyze long enough now (3 years+) to know that nothing changes fast around here. If you wait for them to change things to be what you’re looking for, it’s never going to happen and it’s going to be more frustrating and I sincerely believe you deserve to be happy. Everyone does.

I learned long ago in life that even being upset with someone or something is interesting, because scientifically, they’ve done brain scans and found that the opposite of love isn’t hate…those 2 are almost identical in brain patterns. They’re close to the same thing. The true opposite of love is indifference. If a company or person I once loved has betrayed my somehow, I find the best thing in my life is just to totally let things go, move on, get rid of everything related to them and stop caring at all. Makes my life a million times more happy and positive. Just think about it… Happy to have you here if it’s where you want to be, really, I don’t mind conversations with you…but don’t make life rougher on yourself if Wyze just keeps making you miserable somehow. I hate to see people suffering and frustrated and angry when none of us have control over Wyze. Find something that uplifts and inspires and makes you happy, life is so much better that way.

Regardless of what you choose and if you continue to stay, you have my sincerest best wishes. I wish I could help make things better.


Occasionally I will get motion that is not properly tagged like a Person will not register a person or a package not tagged a package and animals not tagged as pet. Less frequent are incorrect tags mostly this shows up as a package when there is no package. My garage camera I think always tags with vehicle which is what I would expect. My door camera which overlooks an area where car’s cannot go catches people, pets, packages, strong light changes and strong wind blowing vegatation has never tagged a vehicle except when I waved a toy car in front of it.

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