Wyze AI communication - April 2021

Updates from Wyze AI

This month, the Wyze AI model update mainly focused on improving Pet detection and Package detection performance. Specifically:

  • Following up on the March training, we did another round of training for the Pet detection algorithm. We see improvements in multiple use cases especially indoor cameras used to detect cats and dogs.
  • The Package detection algorithm is updated. From the in-house dataset, we see big improvements in the accuracy.

For the Face Recognition v2 system migration and internal testing, we’ve finished the Phase 1 migration and have been testing the performance internally. It is on-track according to the migration timeline.

In addition to the model performance, we are also testing a few improvements for the Cam Plus experience:

  • We are testing two changes to improve the Cam Plus notification speed
  • One fix for the “Error (06)” problem is included in the next firmware release though more work may be needed to fully resolve this for everyone

This month build with Wyze AI

What is the number one thing you most want your camera to be able to detect or recognize? Leave your comment below in the thread! We’ll take this feedback into consideration when building our next round of AI and we’ll send some small perks to folks for posting good ideas!

AI Data Bounty Hunter

To help us with training the new models and building new AI features, we are looking for the example data listed below. If you can find a few videos matching these descriptions in your list and are willing to send them to us using the video feedback tool, it would be super helpful for accelerating the improvement speed!

  • Videos with babies inside the frame
  • Videos with audio of a dog barking
  • Videos with audio of a baby crying
  • Videos with packages inside the frame
  • Videos with animals inside the frame including but not only limited to dogs, cats, birds, and bears (we hope you don’t have a bear in your home but we have actually received videos of this before).

You can submit the video through the banner at the bottom of the event videos.

Also, if there is anything you want Wyze AI to develop, please leave your comments below.


These are the latest FAQ in our community:

Q: Why didn’t I receive any notifications from my Cam Plus device?

A: Please follow the steps below for troubleshooting:

  • Make sure you turned on the “Detect Motion” setting in your camera settings. You can check the status through Home > your camera > Settings > Event Recording.
  • In the same Settings page above, go to the Notification section and make sure you turn on notifications. If you want to reduce your notifications and don’t want to receive motion-only event notifications, please make sure the “All other motion” option is turned off.
  • Go to Accounts > Services > Cam Plus > choose the device and make sure the AI detection toggle is turned on properly.
  • Go to the Accounts > Notifications > Push Notification page and make sure the master switch at the bottom is turned on.
  • Make sure your phone is set to receive Wyze app notifications in the phone settings. You can follow the guide for iOS and Android.

By the way, we are working on a new design to make things easier to set up…

Q: I signed up for the AI pilot testing for Face Recognition and Pet detection. But why is it not in my app anymore?

A: Face Recognition is not available for testing right now due to the system migration. If you cannot see the Pet detection, please go to Account > App Settings and clear the cache. Log out of the Wyze app and log in again.

Q: Why can’t I see my licenses after purchasing Cam Plus through my app store?

A: We are seeing quite a few cases the where the app store server is not syncing the right status to Wyze. If you were impacted by this issue, please log out of the Wyze app and log in again.

Q: Why didn’t I get my Cam Plus license after I purchased Wyze Cam v3 on wyze.com?

A: Your license will be sent to your account once your Wyze Cam v3 order has shipped.

For previous updates, you can find them here:


I’m only looking fwd to Face Recognition v2! Thanks for the update!

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I just tried these steps (cleared cache, logged out, logged back in) and this did not restore Pet Detection at all. None of my events are labeled pet (I have 4 cats, so there were would be tons, plus racoons that visit every day)

Here are photos to help show it’s still missing and cleared cache and log-out/in still did not bring it back:

Not in Filter Options:

Not an option in Cam Plus settings:

Currently using: Android v2.19.12

Note: I’m not complaining, just trying to be helpful so you guys can figure it out. :slight_smile:

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Honestly, I would love to have the option to allow the AI to transcribe (word recognition) my recorded events for certain cams (obviously some people would want this disabled).

This would be helpful for things like say a business meeting, or even at home if we remember something that happened or was said, but not exactly when (day/time). Imagine being able to search for a specific word or phrase and locate that video or read the transcript around it. Much of this could be easily automated, though you could allow customers to download and save transcripts locally, or just make it so they can run searches.

While I think it would be best if Wyze trained their own AI to do speech recognition/transcription, there are also lots of companies you could outsource it to, but that would require charging a separate subscription or raising prices to compensate for this feature, which is not very ideal. Still, to get an idea of this, here are Amazon’s transcription prices:

Secondly, building off of this, it would be really helpful to be able to receive alerts for detection of certain custom words. If I put a cam at an Elderly loved-one’s house, maybe I tell the AI to alert me anytime it hears/transcribes the word “Help” and then I get a notification to review that clip and see if it something I should be concerned about or not. Transcriptions are never perfect, but it could at least help us filter down all events to something more manageable and potentially relevant.
It would be interesting if we could pair some of that to various routines, such as speaking a phrase to trigger an automation (either in-ecosystem or with webhooks or 3rd parties like through IFTTT or whatever to be able to basically create a macro to do anything).

Most transcription services are ridiculously over-priced (I do use several different such services), but if Wyze had their own AI doing this, they could provide a lot of usability that few companies have. Wyze could get ahead of the game (I think this will be a big thing in the near future) and not be reliant on paying 3rd parties like Amazon to do it for you because you neglected to build up your AI to do it yourself when it becomes something almost everyone expects.


Fix the V3 motion detection sensitivity . Have mine at 4 for sensitivity and still getting many motion detection alerts for a bug that flies through the corner of the frame for less than 500 ms … Seems that the sensitivity setting is useless . Also getting motion alerts for change in shadows and sun .
Come on Wyze I know you have the know how to fix this on the Camera AI
These V3s are worthless when used outside . Can’t be trusted due to the false motion detection .

I realize that you have Cam plus that will help with this but I am not paying a subscription service .
Fix this on the camera and it will reduce the number of videos uploaded to you servers and help with the cost of Server overhead and usage .
Buyer beware . Unless you pay for Cam Plus the motion detection on these V3 is extremely sensitive to bugs and shadows
I was going to replace all of my V2s (8) with V3s but will not due to the false motion detection .

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Wyze AI stuff Wyze Shawn works with only applies to subscriptions. Most of what is discussed in the rest of the above post is pretty valuable stuff though. I’d highly recommend adding it into the relevant Wishlist thread and I will upvote it.

Most of my outside cams do have Cam Plus, but I still get shadows issues on my other cams inside because of the windows. I am hoping that Wyze figures out how to add some local edge solutions for some of this stuff in the future. I saw they did post jobs several months ago for an Edge solution employee. I hope that works out so this can be helpful for cams without a subscription too. Others have proposed that the bug thing can be solved by allowing us an option to ignore motion that is less than a second or 2 long in length. That would solve lots of false detections, and none of that would really need the AI, so it should be able to be allowed for everyone as is requested. :slight_smile: I hope it happens.

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Can’t wait for the facial recognition! Once that comes out I will probably get CamPlus for my doorbell.

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@WyzeShawn is something akin to optical character recognition possible with the current AI implementation? my thought is that Wyze is doing package detection. as are competitors. but with Wyze doing development in house now and innovation being the name of the game, if OCR could be implemented this might give Wyze a differentiator and nay I say a large and inevitable step forward.

the example that comes to mind is package detection. with all the variables that can happen with package placement ( in frame, out of frame, partially or fully obscured or even really really odd shapes of packages not being recognized) there are things that might block that label from being able to be utilized. but if Wyze had OCR through the AI the camera might also be able to detect the fed-ex or UPS or USPS decals on the side of a vehicle. maybe even just a truck passing on a day someone is expecting a package but it gets delivered to the wrong house. depending on clarity this might even be able to identify the label of a box of girl scout cookies being sold at your door…and you know that is unforgivable to misfortune that could lead to fallen relationships and one day maybe even the downward spiral of humanity…but we wont go that far quite yet.

it’s a longshot, but maybe putting the bait into the Wyze minds it could come out as something far better down the road. OCR cold be a fun thing to toy with.

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I also tried these steps (cleared cache, logged out, logged back in) and this did not restore Pet Detection. None of my events are labeled pet. I cannot FILTER on PET anymore.


Updated to Android v2.19.14 that was released just now. Still no pet detection. I cleared cache, still missing. I deleted all cache, data and force stopped the app, closed and restarted it, logged back in, and it’s still not there. I checked the cam plus options (Account - services - cam plus) and it still doesn’t list Pet detection as an option to enable…only Person, Vehicle, and Package.

Though, when I submit videos for Wyze to use, It will sometimes show me in the submission label that it knows there was a pet, but the event tab won’t identify any pet label at all…I have to click on submit the video then it will tell me there, and only there that it recognized a pet.

Just FYI

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can you shoot me an email with your wyze account? I’d like to take a look at what happened. sniu@wyze.com Thanks!

I understand the your case. But based on the submitted videos for pacakges, in most of the cases boxes or packages are too far from the camera, and the text are hard to read even for human. As for the logos on truck, those can be done cause they’re big enough.

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Sent you an email with my account email. You might want to consider removing your email from the thread now so spider bots don’t grab it and start continually spamming the crap out of your work email :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. pet detection was somehow removed for me after months being there.
I was also one of the first to join the pilot.


I see the same thing. Not sure if this is available to only some individuals or all. How can we get the options mentioned?

@WyzeShawn, I also cannot see the options as indicated. I see only the Person, Vehicle, and Package. I have CamPlus associated to my account. Is there something else which needs to be turned on so that I can see the options and test them?


He tested re-enrolling me for pet detection, but it did not change anything, so he had me send an app log (and I included in it screenshots showing those options are unavailable and stated there were others of you who are missing these options and that it is not an isolated incident), and he said he will look into it some more. I’ll be sure to let you guys know if they figure out what is wrong and get mine working again so you will know how to get it resolved.


I appreciate that.

PET DETECTION is back on the FILTER OPTION (at least for me…) :slight_smile:

Just letting you know…I did not do anything, it just appeared finally.