Person Detection - Is anyone else have their pets tagged person events?

I have two cats and one of my two cats consistently triggers as a person detection event,

This makes the whole person detection feature useless to me due to all the false positives.

The cat that triggers theses person events is grey but has white rear legs. The other cat has legs of the same color and does not trigger the person detection AI. Either way, they both have four legs and a tail. I have yet to meet a person who has four legs and a tail, so I can’t understand why this is taking so long for Wyze and their AI vendor to fix.

Interesting tidbit, the AI will even identify the white legged cat as a person when it jumps off the dining room table. Which makes me wonder if the Wyze cams will trigger person events of people diving into pools or jumping off bridges.

Does anyone else have a similar issue with the person detection AI?

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You are using the first version of Person Detection. The second one is in Beta test now.


So this has been resolved in v2.0 of the AI firmware?

It’s still in test.

Here’s what’s will be in the new firmware:

— Adjusted the AI person detection algorithm
— Reduced false person detection alerts from pets
— Improved the stability of the AI model
— Bug Fixes

“We have received lots of feedback from you regarding the person detection feature since our last release. With your help, we have further trained and fine tuned our AI model.”

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We have 10 cats in residence and we monitor a feral colony, all the cats of every size and color/markings trigger “person” detection most of the time, day and night.


Yep, cats in the cat room are all people :cat2:

My cat thinks she’s a person anyway. :laughing: So I guess my camera agrees. :cat:


The only person events that I have received notification about have been from my cats. Not my 90 lb Lab-mix or actual people. Just the cats. I’ve submitted a few videos but no feedback from Wyze as to whether they even received them or not.

Funny, my two Boxers, don’t trigger the person detection either. Maybe someone on the AI team really likes cats and thinks that they are people.


I belive a lot of it has to do with the angle of the clip and the proximity to the cameras. I was getting these same false alerts when my cat cam onto the upstairs landing. but I would only get them as person detection from that one camera. since the update ( granted its only been a day) I haven’t received any false alerts. Ill look when I get home but I hope it holds true.

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I get several person detections for my two cats every day. I have also gotten person detection a few times from leaf shadows on the ground moving in the wind.

I personally don’t mind my pet being detected. I work long hours and I like to know what she is doing when I am not there and if I can’t find her on a camera I can find her from the events to know where she went.

No, but, my Wyzecam pan thinks my waving flag is a person!

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My 23 lb cocker spaniel is frequently tagged as a person when she gets on the couch. I submit the video but have had no follow-up

There was a house fly that walked across the window in front of the camera…and was marked as a person. I listened closely and thought I heard "HEEEELP MEEEEE!

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just so everyone is aware. Wyze is keenly aware of this flaw and the fix is currently being tested in Beta. so far i’ve only had a couple of false alerts compared to the 15-40 I would’ve had before this latest beta run. they have done very very well with the training.


I’m using the new firmware in beta (4,9,4,169) and the person detection seems better than when it was first released. My dog is no longer a person, but a wasp flying up to the lens was… I logged this as a non-person on the clip as feedback.


thats too funny! i had the wasp things happen to me yesterday! ive been meaning to post the video lol

My goodness, I guess my trees are people too. :thinking: lol

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I get the same false detection with my Ring cam and door bell, I guess detection is not perfect yet

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