Cat is person?

My person detection often notifies me of a person when my cat walks through the room

Must be a big cat. Is it a tiger?

Welcome to the Wyze community @amfeieio!
@timstik is on the right track with the size of the cat!
How close is the cat to the camera(s)?
How large is the cat?
The person detection works based off of how big the moving object is(as well as other factors).

It happens regularly with my 2 little dogs in their litter :dog2:. I have desactivate notifications for that cam.

I’ve been getting a lot of person notification lately with a combination of sun ,wind and trees , UPS truck , a couple of neighborhood cats to, the person detection wasn’t acting like that a couple weeks ago

Well clearly they think, I mean they know they are persons and that some other creature must have left that foul stuff in their box. :slight_smile:

Hmm, what experimental influx of person detection volume with newbie mis-use of “useful” tagging could that possibly coincide with… :wink:


Oh yeah forgot about the groundhog he’s a fat little bastard though