Pause (snooze) notifications for user-chosen period on a per camera basis

A thread that was started Nov '18 with what seems like a relatively simple solution. Let’s do this Wyze …


App: Mute notifications Timer to Unmute

I frequently forget to unmute my notifications from my V3 cameras and doorbell pro. Please add a timer to the Mute Button in the App, such as “Mute for 1/2 hour, One Hour, All day” etc… This will allow us to Mute kids playing, construction, or gardeners causing lots of notifications without forgetting to UNMUTE when the events are over.

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This would quite literally solve the most irritating thing about owning Wyze cameras. Amazing that it’s been requested since 2018. Can we get this done please?


This is literally getting worse with each “Wyze AI” update. It’s raining and Wyze thinks there is a traffic jam in my driveway somehow. The CARS AREN’T MOVING!!!

I’ve had 40+ alerts in 15 minutes BECAUSE OF RAIN and my only option is disable alerts completely. What did we get? A useless gun safe and NO ANSWERS ON ANYTHING


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I do not understand why the developers are refusing to implement this simple feature that many users have been asking for 3+ years!


Until Wyze implements one or both of the following two wishlist items (please vote for them), your alternatives are turn vehicle detection off for this cam and/or realign cam direction to exclude parked vehicle. Wyze gave a live public demo of the latter… meaning they are developing it.

Car / Vehicle Detection

Detection option based on detecting differences from what is normally in the frame (AI Learning)


I don’t see this posted since November of 2018 so I’m re-upping it. I would love a PAUSE button on notifications for sensors and cameras. I have motion sensors on my entry ways and door sensors that tell me when doors are opened and closed.

Sometimes I’m mowing the yard and yes, I know there’s a person in my front yard. It me.

We had a party a couple weeks ago and people were going in and out of my back door constantly. Just let me pause notifications for 10, 30, 60, 120 minutes. By device - or all overall would be nice.

Thank you! Love the products. Waiting for my handheld vacuum and ear pods to be delivered today!


What is the status in this. It can’t be that complicated. Maybe those of us that want this feature should move to a different company that supports this. It is apparent that Wyze isn’t listening to the customer. Please provide a timeline to get this done or provide someone we can contact to get some traction on this. Today please.


+1 to this request. My Eufy doorbell camera has had this for years. Super useful.

For example, if I’m working in the yard, I get constant notifications from my Wyze camera about a person. Duh, the person is me! I want to snooze for an hour so I don’t get notifications while I’m out there.

@WyzeGwendolyn, I saw you said no update back in 2020. Any chance we can revisit this?


Don’t expect anything, as I’ve been told by a moderator WYZE doesn’t read the wish list forums or use them as suggestions which really begs the question, why does it exist?


Wyze Team, Why are you not paying attention to this request? It seems like such a no-brainer. Any idea how irritating it is to have someone planting flowers in the front yard or sitting in the back and to have the annoying notifications pop up constantly? Sure I can turn off notifications but then (as other people have pointed out) I may forget to turn them back on. Ring has had this feature for years.

P.S. Another useful feature would be to pause (snooze) event recordings for a user-chosen period. We’d like to be able to sit in our back yard without every move recorded and pushed to the cloud.


Welcome to the community @Wilf , I am a volunteer in the community forums and try to help when I can.

A snooze feature would be a useful addition to the Wyze Rules. In the interim you could set up a plug trigger to do the same function. Here is a way to do it:

  1. Create a Shortcut Rule and call it Pause Cameras (or something). This Shortcut will trigger the Wyze Plug action “Turn on for” and you put in the duration as part of the action.

  2. Create a Trigger Rule for when the plug goes on. The Action for this will be Turn off Notifications on X Cameras. Where X is the name of the camera. you can add as many cameras in the action list.

  3. Create another Trigger Rule for when the plug goes off. The Action for this will be Turn On Notifications on X Cameras. Where X is the name of the camera. you can add as many cameras in the action list.

Then when you click on the Shortcut it will turn on the plug which will turn off notifications. Then after the set period of time the plug will turn off. The plug going off will trigger the Notifications to turn back on.

Added benefit if you have a watch is that you can make the Shortcut available to the watch or band.


Thank you for the detailed instructions. I was just wondering though, I don’t have a Wyze plug. Wouldn’t I need one to make this work or am I missing something?

I use a Wyze plug as a support device and don’t plug anything into it. It is tucked away as well. However, you can use other items which supports been on for Rules like a Bulb.

I feel like the biggest reason against a snooze or pause button to the notifications is that it would take away from sales of Cam Plus Pro, which has the ability to remember safe faces. This answer is obviously not on the sides of everyone who has requested this feature, which includes myself. However I feel like it’s going to be the answer we all have to live with.

I respectful disagree for these reasons:

  1. The AI doesn’t work well, so it doesn’t reliably detect “safe faces”, so the feature is pretty useless.
  2. When doing lawn work or having a party, objects are too far away to work with the AI.
  3. All the OTHER reasons for wanting to snooze alerts, like during a windy day, or rain storm, or bugs have nothing to do with the “safe faces” feature.
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I really need this feature—I can’t make a set schedule as daily needs fluctuate. And I constantly forget to turn things back on when I turn them off (notifications, cameras, etc.). I need to turn different things off but wish I could select for how long and then they’d automatically turn on again. There’s similar options for “pausing” or “muting” on other apps like how you can set a focus status on iPhone for a certain number of hours, or for pausing devices connected to the Xfinity wifi app for hours or “Until I Unpause.” (See attached screenshots). I use those options all the time!


THIS FEATURE IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. This is an industry standard. (As are many of the other requests on hold here.) I’m speaking here as a security monitoring professional of 15+ years.

Security monitoring products like Wyze security cams, antivirus, network intrusion detection, etc. all need to reduce false alarms and unactionable / unwanted alerts. Or else they are bad, unusable products destined to fail.

There must be multiple different methods of avoiding “uninteresting” alerts, and they must be both enabled by default (to benefit novice users) and also user-configurable (because different customers have different environments and needs / requirements).

Wyze is having trouble reducing false alarms, as evidenced by these feature requests / votes and the number of false alarms bombarding customers including myself. So inhibiting false alarms is a suggestion as to how to help this situation that nobody including Wyze should want.

Excessive alerts are not just annoying and unhelpful, they also reduce security. They lead to what the security monitoring world refers to as “alert fatigue,” where operators start ignoring alerts that might refer to something new or important.

Telling advanced users to enable multi-step rules to simulate this feature is a poor solution. Custom solutions like this are less reliable and sophisticated, and few users will implement it.

Having said that, my feature request would be a little different from a “snooze” button the user has to keep clicking.

Once a notification is triggered for a specific type of event (motion, package, etc.), the software should be able to suppress repeat notifications for that exact same type of event on that camera for 5-10 minutes or whatever. Justification — repeat notifications add little value, as the operator has already been alerted.

The event should probably still be recorded, just with the notification suppressed. And would be great if a user could control this setting, by turning it off/on and choosing the duration. Maybe there could be an option to disable this automatic throttling and get to use the snooze button instead.


The ability to suppress notification floods is a good thing, period. Not having it is a bad thing, period. This is true for everyone, including Wyze and all Wyze customers.

Suppressing notification floods has nothing to do with Cam Plus Pro. Every Wyze security product gets notification floods and false alarms. They all need this feature. Upgrading to Cam Plus Pro does not fix this in the slightest.

This also has nothing to do with facial recognition. Facial recognition does not fix this. Floods can happen with or without facial recognition. Some of us want to be aware of motion events where no person is identified, for example, let alone a specific face.

This is a problem today, or people would t be reporting it. If any of these things people suggested fixed it, then it would already be fixed now.


I’ve been moving to Eufy cameras for this and a few other reasons.

However, I’d really like to pause/snooze notifications on the Wyze cams I currently own.