PanCam v3 can’t review continuous recording on sd card

I set up my new PanCam v3 and I love how the recordings look. However it lacks in being user friendly like the v2 is. I do continuous recording on the SD card and when I try to review footage on the card, it says I can scroll to a specific time but it won’t actually show me the timeframe I want. It goes to the first event recording from around the selected time and won’t let me fast forward. If I tap on the icon to move forward 30 seconds it starts the event over. There is a lot to be desired with this version.

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I have several PanV3 doing continuous recording to the SD Card.

When I view the continuous SD footage, I get a continuous colored bar to the right that shows recorded footage. I can the drag the timeline up or down to view the time I want to see or drag it to the event that I want to see. If I use the FF\RW 30s, it will move the timeline in 30s increments either way.

Is your cam getting a strong WiFi signal? I have learned that the farther away they are, the longer it takes for the data and video to load.

Behavior of the 30-second FF/RW buttons on Cam Pan 3 is totally whacked out on my android tablet. Just one click and it jumps more than 24 hrs instead of 30 seconds. Very erratic. Only on the Cam Pan 3, The 30 second buttons on all my other cam versions work fine on this same tablet.

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same. apparently only android app issue.IOS no complaint…

I use Event Only recording, IOS, and CamPlus and have the same problem. When I look at the SD card recordings (because some of the events just won’t upload to the cloud from the CamPanv3), I see small green bars indicating an event at a specific time. Last night there were three events within 4 minutes of each other showing two different green bars. No matter how hard I tried to scroll to view the most recent event it would always jump back to the first event. The 30 second FF/RW did nothing. :frowning:


I have a similar issue - can’t scroll reliably. Scroll up or down to view a specific event on the SD card, then the screen jumps to a random place when I remove my finger. For all practical purposes…useless. Very frustrating. Even zooming in doesn’t help.

Am I missing an easier way to view events? What I’d like to have is a button that just takes me to the recorded events on the SD card (not the cloud recordings). Press again, goes to the next event.

I have Cam Plus on some cameras but not this one. Guess I’ll switch the subscription to this camera for now.

Android (tablet).

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I’m curious to hear from WYZE about this issue.

The first Pan v3 360 I purchased only recorded continuously for about a day or two and then I had to set it up again from scratch. I reported the issue to WYZE and they replaced the camera. Now I have 5-6 of these WYZE pan v3 360s and I am realizing that this issue continues to randomly occur again.

It is so disappointing to have 256gb SD cards in most of my 25 of my cameras, Cam Plus Unlimited on all of them, and yet regularly when I need to see what happened at a specific time I get “no video available”.

If I’m recording continuously to a 256gb SD card there should always be video no matter which camera model it is.

My regular v3s don’t have this issue and my Pan v2s don’t either. Seems to affect the flood lights and the Pan v3s.

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I agree. This is a problem with the PanV3 cams that desperately needs addressed.

However, this isn’t an issue caused by the SD Card, the size of the SD Card, or the cam recording video to the SD Card. If you pull the card from the cam you will most likely find that the cam has been chugging along recording continuously as it was instructed to do.

IMO, this is just another symptom of the extremely problematic connectivity issues that have been reported from PanV3 users since it’s release.

While there is video saved to the card, the app isn’t getting the card read data from the cam because of poor connectivity with the cam. Any time the bandwidth drops too low in the app, the “No Video” message will appear. The wording of the message itself is a problem. It should be “Failed to Load Video Data”.

While I am a proponent of a very strong WiFi network, having seen the hundreds of users reporting connectivity issues with the PanV3, I can’t get behind the idea that these issues are network based. Network connectivity is currently the Achilles Heel of the PanV3.

Thank you for this suggestion and advice. There is some content I really want to check out from last week. I will definitely try to put the SD card in a computer just in case the content is there but not visible in the camera. I guess I assumed that a local card in the camera would be accessible no matter what connection issues might exist but then I am connected to all of it through their website and apps so what you explained makes a lot of sense. My most problematic camera is the one nearest to the router, about 15 feet away. I’ll report what I find out about the content on the card.


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SD Video is saved in the Record folder, indexed by Date Folder, then numbered Hour Folder (1-24). Each video in the hour folder (60 of them) will be one minute videos covering each minute if that hour.

It is a reasonable expectation to believe the video will be accessible. But the PanV3 has a reputation for being unreasonable. However, when you connect to the cam by Live Stream, you aren’t viewing thru the Wyze servers. A direct Peer to Peer link is created between your phone, thru the network you are logged into, to the network the cam is logged into, and then to the cam. If both are on the same WiFi, it just runs thru your router. The SD access uses this P2P as well.

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Has the continuous recording problems on PanCam V3s been fixed for anyone? I’m using Android, Samsung S24 Ultra and everything up to date and I get no video anywhere there isn’t an event to click on. To be clear my settings are for continuous recording and NOT events only.

I have just confirmed that my PanCam v3 devices (which spin around 360 and go fully upward to see the ceiling) are doing continuous recording to the SD card.

After the fix was implemented I had to press the setup button and redo the setup but then mine worked.

I might also have changed the SD card at some point on one of mine. I use iOS primarily. I will charge my work android and check the same camera in the WYZE app on that. If it works I will not write anything back but if it doesn’t then I’ll write back again here for you.

Good luck.


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Has the continuous recording problems on PanCam V3s been fixed for anyone? I’m using Android, Samsung S24 Ultra and everything up to date and I get no video anywhere there isn’t an event to click on. To be clear my settings are for continuous recording and NOT events only.