PanCam Unable to connect to local network

MAC filter is disabled. I think it is WPA, but not sure how to confirm. Just went thru all the router settings and didn’t see any tabs for that. Linksys WRT54G 2.4GHz

Connect to the 54G with your web browser, go to the Wireless tab, then the Wireless security sub-tab. The first line should tell you what security you are using.

What color is the indicator light on the back of the camera?

Just came for a break from mowing. Under Wireless Security the only option is Security Mode. It is currently Disabled. The drop down options are WPA Pre-Shared Key, WPA Radius, Radius and WEP.

Forgot to add that I’m trying to connect the Pan Cam, so status lights are in the front under the lens. It is blinking amber and blue.

Wow, that’s an old WRT, probably in serious need of a firmware update.

It appears you are not using the required WPA encryption on your network.

I think WPA Pre-Shared Key will get you the original WPA. I believe the key you enter will need to be at least 8 characters. You should enter whatever password you are using now, maybe we’ll get lucky and it won’t disrupt every other device on your network.

What confuses me here is you have a password but the security mode is set to disabled. That makes no sense to me, but it does bring the possibility that all your other devices will need to be reeducated about the network after you add WPA encryption. Let’s hope using the same password you are already using and a simple restart of the various devices is all you need to do. Otherwise you will need to choose the network and enter the password again on everything.

You should check your phone’s connection first after the change, as you will need that during setup.

Thanks for the info. I was wondering too how it needed a pw but encryption was disabled. I’ll give the shared key option a try. I have my home security camera system, a printer, wifi enabled BluRay and at times my laptop hitting the Linksys
Though just the laptop and BluRay are truly wireless. The camera recorder and printer are wired to the router.

I guess if the other devices end up not working after the change, I’ll change it all back. Too much heartburn for a $30 camera.

Well, you should consider that your network is not secure if you are running without encryption. So change your other devices for that.

You should also consider upgrading that router to at least an 802.11n router. Cost would be around $50. Your Linksys is pretty underpowered.

If you don’t upgrade then seriously consider updating the firmware on the router. You have low capability (limited encryption choices) and probably lots of security flaws. A firmware update would probably give you WPA2 encryption, which would be better.

I went and searched the Linksys WRT54G router Real quick earlier today and my first thought was , Man that puppy is ancient , time to upgrade to an AC router .
You can even get an AC router for around 50 bucks

Yeah, I used to have a Linksys WRT54G until my downloading interfered with my TV recordings. Saturated the network, and the recordings skipped all over the place. And forget recording 2 channels at once.

Those things are just too old if you want to do anything beyond web browsing. They wouldn’t even be able to keep up with my 70 Mbps Comcast connection, and even a simple single-stream 150N could easily do that.

I did some more searching and found they were introduced in 2002 , According to Linksys There obsolete EOL ( End of life) was 2012
Even if you didn’t have any AC hardware it would still be a lot better router

So the vast consensus is I need to skip the iron age and enter the 21st century and get a new router. Guess i didnt realize it was THAT old.

Appreciate all of you taking the time to help me with this issue. For the short term I’ll try Enabling encryption and go from there. Guess I should’ve asked for a new router for Father’s Day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, update for all who have been kind enough to offer suggestions. I changed settings to WPA Shared Key with password and was finally able to get the camera set up. Pretty nifty little device.

Got my laptop to accept new wifi settings.

BUT, my wife is no longer able to view our main security camera system from work.

Had her try the IP of the camera recorder then the router, but still unable to access them.

I had to enter the IP of the security camera recorder in the router to allow it access. I grabbed the IP of the PC my wife uses at work but the router only accepts 192.. range of IP’s. Hers is on the 107. range. The router only allows me to input the last set of digits of a 192 range IP.

Other than that, I tried downloading firmware for the router but was unable to save the .bin file to a file that the router would accept. Created a Linksys folder in C:/Programs but can’t get it to save it there, only options were various audio or video programs on my PC.

Even when I opted to Save the download to Notepad or other text file the router wouldn’t accept it.

Thanks again everyone for your input and assistance. May even buy another one! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glad it’s up and running! :+1: :grin:

Would need to hear more about what system that is to venture a guess.

What operating system is your laptop using? Knowing that would help if someone is to give you directions. Guessing you have a “Downloads” or “Documents” folder to download to?

What hardware version WRT54G do you have? You’ll need to know that to download the right file.

The download should come as a ready-to-use .bin file. You just need to successfully download it to your computer and then use the router’s web browser to upload it to the router (Administration>Firmware Upgrade). Note you should save your settings first, just in case it overwrites them (Administration>Config Management>Backup).

I have had similar issues with sharing cams. My uncle will tell me he cannot access our V2 cam at the camp in Maine. I have had to cancel and then reshare with him a couple times. Also after a power loss, the cam does not always properly reboot so I had to add a smart plug so I can remotely power cycle. This has been a sucessful work around. I also had a problem setting up a cam for a friend as his old verizon router was in WEP mode. I was able to change it to WPA and keep the same password.

After getting a new (additional) camera, I would run into this when setting the new one up and then it hit me, the hand smacking me in the forehead… The camera will connect to only a 2.4GHz but at home, my phone default connects to the 5 GHz frequency on the same router. The phone, or tablet or whatever you use to set up the camera has to be on the same WiFi connection, not just the same router. Once the setup is complete, I switch the phone back to the 5 GHz connection and all is fine.

I see the “Prior to 2012” EOL on the Linksys site too, but the WRT54G is still available online! Then there’s this:

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Thanks for all the comments/input. A new router is in my future. Changed settings on the router and the camera had been working fine. Was also able to get our security camera system to be viewed remotely. Just had to open ports on the router to allow PC remote access.

Next question, how would I add a second camera and could they both be viewed at the same time such as a security camera system quad view, or would I have to access them individually?

I would like that too, and it is somewhere on their roadmap:

You would add a second camera the same way you Added the first wyze Cam .
You can view multiple cameras at once in the wyze app By grouping them together.
See the grouping section

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Multi camera viewing already exists , Note the tag In the road map says launched

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