PanCam 3 - Detection Zone while in pan mode

The PanCam 3 supports both pan and detection zones. However, they are mutually exclusive, If you enable Pan, any detection zone you set up is disabled. Tech support confirmed this and suggested I post on the forum as a wish list to enable detection zone while in pan mode.

I have 2 air conditioning units in the back yard and the fans on top of the units keeps tripping the motion detection when the camera is in pan mode making the pan feature useless. When the camera tracks motion of a person or animal in the back yard it gets confused beteen the person and the fans if they are moving. Once the camera detects motion by the fans, it stays locked on them until they turn off. Meaning it is ignoring any other activity in the back yard. I have a similar issue with motion in the neighbors yard. The camera should have the ability to limit the detection area while in pan mode to ensure the most useful results and notifications.

I also would like a way to limit the travel of the camera L- R and U - D so that it stays focused on the desired area.

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Welcome back to the forum @CEConti.

The Wishlist is here. I did a quick search for your request and did not see the specific request already post, but found a semi similar request, asking for DZs in all Waypoints.

I will tag our @Mods to move your request if nothing matches or link to one that does to the Wishlist but check out the How to Use the wishlist so you can share all of your ideas.


Thanks for the reply. Wile DZ at a waypoint is nice, it will not resolve the issue of the camera seeing the fan’s motion if it is panning when tracking the motion of a person or animal.

Thanks for working with me to improve this product.


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This is what is happening constantly with the PanCam 3. It is NOT in pan mode and the AC is excluded in the DZ


Share a screenshot of the DZ.

What may be happening is that sunbeams moving thru the trees are triggering motion on the edge of the DZ and that motion is being identified as a connected part of the entire object that is motion tagged. This is the the Overlap function that Wyze uses with the DZ and AI: If motion in the Included Zone is part an object that is also in the Excluded Zone, the entire object is considered and tagged.

In regards to the DZ and the Pan Scan feature… When you turn on the Pan Scan, the popup does appear and it does shut down the DZ. However, on mine, if you then go back into the DZ and re-enable it, it stays on as does the Pan Scan feature. Try this and see if you can also get both active at the same time. But, since the Pan Scan provides four Home FOV and the DZ specific to only one, I’m not sure how effective it would be.

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I also have wanted to be able to apply limits to the pan ranges, to prevent it from panning into certain areas.

I have one mounted on the wall above the garage door beneath the eave. If it sees something near the edge, there are times when it pans to the sides, then it sees the IR lights lighting up the wall, and it keeps panning further, sometimes clear around backward, or upward pointing at the wall or overhang.

If I could limit its upward range, it would never pan up and point at the bottom of the eave, and if I could limit its left and right range, it would not pan around to point at the wall that is an inch away.

You can set your Pan Scan limits by setting 4 custom waypoints. The first on the left and the 4th on the right will set your horizontal limits left and right while the vertical limits are set in each of the 4 waypoints.

However, that only applies to Pan Scan, not to Track Motion. There is no way to limit the Track Motion range of movement (which has been requested in the wishlist). If the cam gets distracted by perceived motion with Track Motion on, it could end up anywhere.

It sounds to me like you have Track Motion also enabled. It shouldn’t vary from the path between waypoints unless it is tracking motion. It will see it’s own IR reflection moving on the house and interpret that as motion. So yes, with the Track Motion on it will chase its own IR reflection on the eave or siding. With Track Motion off, it shouldn’t do that.

Note that the camera is thinking my fan is a pet…


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Yes… Well… That is an AI mistake after the upload and a “Pet” of a completely different color that we have no settings control over. I get false positives from sunbeams too, especially when the cam is at a high angle and not shooting profile.

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I disabled the IR lights in all cameras starting with V3. The night vision is excellent and will resolve the issue of your camera seeing reflected IR lights. I suggest you see if this works for you.

I totally agree I love the motion tracking mode but it keeps getting stuck looking at my tree. I wish it could do a full motion view and make it one big picture. Just so I can remove things from the detection zone. The detection zone set up how it is now does nothing when the camera moves.

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I agree that this seems to be a work around, however when the camera pans and sees the moving fan it detects motion. The only total solution is for the camera to be able to exclude Motion in a designated Zone regardless of where it is at when panning. This would be a significant advance in the software

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