Detection zones suddenly not being respected

In the last few days all my cameras (3 Cam Pam v1, 1 Cam Pan v2) have all been ignoring the detection zones that have been set up, and have started sending notifications for persons and vehicles detected outside the configured detection zones. Prior to this I would only get notifications for detections inside the configured detection zones.

It’s been happening noticeably and suddenly for all my cameras, and I had made NO changes prior to this just beginning to happen. Maybe it’s a cloud glitch. Cameras and app are on the latest firmware and app versions. In addition I’ve removed and reinstalled all cameras, rebooted my router (should not matter for this), and painstakingly redone all the settings in each camera. I wish you could import/export individual camera settings.

Nothing I can do has resolved this, and I JUST want it working the way it was.


I just bought 2 cameras v3 pan tilt and have noticed the same thing.
sometimes I just need to turn off the alerts , defeats the purpose of the camera, but whatever.
it keeps picking up cars on the street that are well outside of the zone.

I have noticed that the my PanV3 all have issues with detecting motion within the DZ when the Track Motion option is turned on. I have had to turn it off to make the cams moderately useful.

When it is turned off, the DZ seems to be what I would describe as a “soft” edge. It acts like the edge of the DZ, rather than being pure On and Off, is a progressive fade from On to Off. I have taken to adding blocks to the edge of the DZ to minimize detections that I don’t want in heavy traffic areas like the street. It was discussed in several other threads by other users.